24 Hours of Halloween: Dark Horse digital sale with Creepy, Hellboy and more


It doesn’t really get any more Halloween-y than Dark Horse’s outstanding line up of horror books…and there’ a big digital sale going on at Comixology which ends tomorrow, as spirits go back to their graves. Books on offer include Creepy archives, Eerie Archives and the incomparable Hellboy.

Hirings: Dark Horse hires four, including Means-Shannon


Well, those who saw her tweets about a cross country journey may have figured it out, but former Bleeding Cool editor in chief (and Beat contributor back in the day) Hannah Means-Shannon has landed at Dark horse as an associate editor. Big Roadtrip day 5! Canyons are cool. pic.twitter.com/rgOH7c2DJx — Hannah Means-Shannon (@HannahMenzies) October 28, […]

INTERVIEW: Dean DeBlois and Richard Hamilton Reimagine Berk in “How to Train Your Dragon” GNs


The How to Train Your Dragons franchise is one of the biggest critical successes in animation from the last decade.  Spawning two movies and three seasons of television, the story of a scrawny viking boy and his toothless dragon have captured hearts and minds through screens around the world.  Now, film series director Dean DeBlois and Dreamworks’ […]

NYCC ’15 Dark Horse reveals “Tomb Raider II,” a “Sin City” collection, and new series


Dark Horse has just announced a slew of news at the publisher’s New York Comic-Con panel entitled “Dark Horse Creators: Crafting the Original Story” including a new collection for Sin City, multiple brand new series by (Beat alumni) Van Jenson, Tomb Raider II, a new Mœbius collection, and a new comic from screenwriter Eric Heisserer. The new Sin City collection […]

Dark Horse releases official word on Moebius Library


Following yesterday’s leak of embargoed press materials, Dark Horse has released official word of their Moebius reprint plans, with confirmation that it’s being done in conjunction with Isabelle Giraud, Moebius’s widow. DH had previously reprinted some of the materials, so doubtless this prior prelationship helped get this much sought after license.

Dark Horse digital single issues now available on five new platforms


After years of releasing their digital comics via through their own app, Dark Horse has finally announced that all their comics will be available on Comixology, as well as four other platforms, including Kindle, Google Play, iBooks, and the Nook.

It’s an expansive expansion and marks a very smart move for Dark Horse: there is really no upside to limiting digital distribution these days, and the multi=platform war was won long ago. All releases will be released simultaneously in print and digital. In June Dark Horse made its graphic novel line-up available via Comxiology and according to publisher Mike Richardson, “the sales have been incredible.”

NYCC ’15: Dark Horse gets Mœbius catalog — please don’t recolor it


Among comics reprints there are few holy grails left. We’ve finally got Miracleman (and no one cares) we’re getting Master of Kung Fu, and now, perhaps the last great library. Via Dark Horse media partner Bleeding Cool comes word that DH has gained the rights to put out a “lavish series of hardcover volumes” reprinting “the library of Mœbius.” Terse but cherce. One imagines it will be similar to the Milo Manara library being reprinted currently.

Check out Paolo Rivera’s “Hellboy & the B.P.R.D.: Beyond the Fences #1” Cover


  Mike Mignola‘s Hellboy has been a cornerstone of comics since his debut in 1993 (he’s as old as I am!).  The character has survived the tumultuously shifting tides of the industry and a series of creative changes during his tenure at Dark Horse.  Now a few more changes are coming. Today, EW revealed the […]