Grant Morrison on Deluxe Happy! The Extended Edition

Look what arrived in my post today, and just in time for Christmas too! The just released Deluxe edition of Happy! with those all important new pages, and some nice extras for fun. And funnily enough I spoke to Grant Morrison about this just recently…

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Preview: Ballistic #3

ballistic03_lowres__1_ 00001
Adam Egypt Mortimer and Darick Robertson continue their weirder than weird futuristic adventure.

Ballistic #3
Writer: Mortimer, Adam Egypt
Artist: Robertson, Darick
Cover Artist: Robertson, Darick
Darick Robertson and Adam Egypt Mortimer pour jet fuel, red bull, and Adderall in the engines of Ballistic with issue #3, exploding every panel off the page as Butch and Gun take on all of the gangs in Repo City!
Price: $3.50
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

Exclusive Interview: Darick Robertson Goes Ballistic!

Okay, first things first. Have you bought Ballistic yet? Have you back-ordered #1 and pre-ordered #2? Because this comic is selling out everywhere FAST. I hit up artist Darick Robertson for a chat on what is rapidly becoming the runaway hit of 2013.

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What Should You Buy in September? Gareth Brookes, Gene Luen Yang, Ed Piskor, Villains Month

September! New month, new comics, new things to look out for. We had a wander round the solicitations and picked out the comics we’re all most looking forward to this month. Also I got them to pick their favourite DC villains, because there’s a DC Villain Month coming out and well, why not.

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SDCC’13: Black Mask Studios Take the Indie Comic Back to Its Punk Rock Roots.

By David Nieves

In the latest Thursday night panel, the recently formed Black Mask Studios attracted some die-hard support from fans willing to stay into the late hours of the SDCC to hear what their veteran group of artists had to say about where indie should go.

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Advance Review: Ballistic #1 by Adam Egypt Mortimer & Darick Robertson

Hmm, could this be the next Saga?

You may recall our sneak peak at Ballistic #1 last month – the new comic from Adam Egypt Mortimer and Darick Robertson hits the shelves tomorrow, and if you haven’t pre-ordered you might struggle to get a hold of it in the rush.

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Exclusive Sneak Peek: Ballistic #1 by Adam Egypt Mortimer & Darick Robertson

A super duper exclusive look at two of my favourite pages from the upcoming brilliantly deranged miniseries that is one part Spider Jerusalem punk, one part Mieville madness, and a dash of Cronenberg with a psychedelic Mortimer cherry on top.

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Review: Completely Happy!

The concluding issue of Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s Happy! has finally made its way to the shelves, and has seemingly divided critics right down the middle. It’s perhaps no surprise to anyone who has seen my Happy earrings that I loved it, but let’s have a proper look…


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Advance Review: Happy #1

By Steve Morris

Happy marks the first creator-owned story from Grant Morrison in a while, with the writer busy reworking Batman and Superman over the past few years. A miniseries for Image, the book sees Morrison collaborating with Darick Robertson for a crime serial set at Christmas. And based on the first issue, this feels a lot like a hyper-sweary Morrison version of Fatale.

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SDCC 2012 Image Announce Even More Comics Than You Could Ever Believe

What have Image got to offer us? Y’know, on top of EVERYTHING ELSE they’ve been offering us this year? Here’s a look at the books announced tonight at their SDCC panel. I’ll throw some pictures at the bottom, but let’s just try and get a hang on just what’s being announced! They are announcing TONNES OF COMICS. I’ll re-update this with new pictures and info as soon as possible, folks.

So far we have:

Non-Humans - Whilce Portacio and Glen Brunswick

Nowhere Men – Eric Stephenson

Satellite Sam - Matt Fraction and Howard Chaykin.

A murder mystery set in the world of children’s television.

Pretty Deadly - KellySue DeConnick and Emma Rios

A spaghetti western in classic style

Multiple Warheads – Brandon Graham

Saviour - James Robinson and J. Bone

About an alien invasion of earth by shapeshifters, and a stoner’s attempts to stop them

Sex - Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski

The Bounce – Joe Casey and David Messina

Lazarus – Greg Rucka and Michael Lark

Gritty sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian future

Reign – Chris Roberson and Paul Mayberry

Oliver – Darick Robertson and Gary Whitta

Point of Impact – Jay Faerber

Great Pacific – Joe Harris