Frank Miller remains consistent, disowns Netflix Elektra


Frank Miller is the Donald Trump of comics, replacing Alan Moore who used to be the Donald Trump of comics in that every little utterance of his was fodder for headlines and web traffic. Miller’s been retired from public speaking for a while but the Dark Knight III promo process—and a series of appearances in foreign lands—has provided a fresh platform and ample ammo for SEO air strikes. But is this current comment any different from what Millar has said in the past?

The All-New, All-Different Marvel Rundown Week Nine: Guardians and Daredevils


As we recently reported, the conclusion of Marvel’s apocalyptic Secret Wars event mini-series got pushed back into January 2016. However, despite the delays, their post-Secret Wars series (re)launches are steadily releasing now. The Beat is taking a look at each new release to tell you whether or not it’s worth your time and money. It’s the All-New, All-Different Marvel Rundown, week […]

Preview: Daredevil #1 bu Soule and Garney


Marvel just released some preview pages of next month’s All New. All Different Daredevil by Charles Soule and Ron Garney and variant covers. The interior art looks pretty tasty, done in a duotune style. Given the acclaim and awards for the previous Aja/Wu look, it’s a big shoes to fill, but Garney is doing a […]

NYCC ’15: The DAREDEVIL Season 2 teaser gives a glimpse at Elektra and The Punisher


It’s only about 30 seconds long and only gives you the briefest of brief looks at Elodie Yung as Elektra and Jon Bernthal as The Punisher, but here’s the snippet that NYCC-goers got to see of Daredevil Season 2.   Daredevil season 2 trailer — Alan Lopez (@lmNotAutistic) October 12, 2015 I wasn’t there, […]

Get Your First Good Look at Krysten Ritter as Marvel’s Jessica Jones


News about Jessica Jones, Marvel’s digital followup to the hit Netflix series Daredevil, has come at a slow drip over the last few months, but as we head closer to the series’ November 20th release date, the flow of information seems to finally be picking up.  Earlier today, released the first official images of Breaking Bad and […]

Marvel reveals photographic Cosplay variant covers


Cosplay is a thing. Variant covers are a thing. And now cosplay variant covers are most definitely a thing. Marvel will have 20 cover adorned by photos of cosplayers depicting the titular characters.

Jessica Jones is a “psychological thriller first, and then a superhero show”

  With Jessica Jones gearing up for its Netflix debut sometime later this year, the press around it is starting to gear up. Per IndieWire (easily one of my favorite film sites), their team got a chance to chat with Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb and showrunner Melissa Rosenberg during the TCAs about what’s coming […]