DC Entertainment nabs Dan Abnett for exclusive DC and Vertigo work


Writer Dan Abnett (Aquaman) has just been announced for an exclusive deal over at DC. The creator, best known for reimagining Guardians of the Galaxy with his writing partner Andy Lanning has already been announced as the writer of DC’s upcoming Aquaman series during Rebirth. Rebirth is the publisher’s brand new superhero line-wide initiative that […]

Neil Degrasse Tyson departs GUARDIANS OF INFINITY plus new teasers and art from Marvel Comics


Here’s an interesting one– Marvel publishing’s Guardians of Infinity #8, a comic book that was supposed to be written by Dan Abnett (Aquaman) and drawn by Carlo Baberi (Thunderbolts) with an additional story from Neil Degrasse Tyson (StarTalk) has changed creative teams for the second tale. Horror film directors Jen and Sylvia Sosk (American Mary) […]

Catching up with Marvel @C2E2


Marvel has released a bevy of announcements this weekend at C2E2 from the slathering of panels. We’ve got creative team reveals, brand new comics and tie-ins from Civil War II and more– there’s a lot to to be thankful for this weekend. Civil War II: Choosing Sides is an anthology story that features stories told […]

The Guardians Family Welcomes an Infinite Amount of Heroes


Marvel is mixing up the publishing line with the surprise addition of another book in the Guardians of The Galaxy family: Guardians of Infinity. ComicBook.com broke the news. Previous Guardians author Dan Abnett is returning to the franchise with an art team including Marvel star Carlo Barberi on art. The roster includes new and old Guardians favorites: Drax, Rocket Raccoon, […]

Abnett and Ross give Marvel’s Hercules “consideration” and a New Costume


Dan Abnett and Luke Ross are bringing Hercules back to the Marvel Universe with a new title named after the titular hero. The series will be available for purchase in local comic book shops in November and will feature the Olympian attempting to atone for some of his previous mistakes. Hercules, a key ’70s Marvel […]

The Korvac Saga joins Secret Wars to Spread an ‘idea virus’


Marvel is priming another old favorite in the back of their early Avengers catalogue with a revival of the Korvac Saga. The comic is yet another tie-in to the upcoming Secret Wars event, the tale will serve as the home for the Guardians 3000 heroes who are serving under the titular character. Legacy Guardians author Dan […]