The Legal View: Siegel Court Issues Final Judgments


The Superman and Superboy lawsuits are officially over, pending appeal. [Read more…]

DC moves to end Superman, Superboy lawsuits

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Yesterday’s summary judgment filings confirm that settlement talks have been ongoing–and the Siegel side is in disarray. [Read more…]

Siegel and Shuster attorney to court: It’s over


News reports are circulating that the Siegel and Shuster heirs have asked the lower court to dismiss DC’s copyright lawsuits. What actually happened is rather different.

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The Legal View: Historic Documents in the Siegel & Shuster Lawsuits

By Jeff Trexler

Whatever the merits of the latest summary judgment motion in the dispute over the Superman copyright, its supporting exhibits bring together a number of important documents in two accessible filings.

The first set brings collects key contracts and court filings in chronological order, from the sale of Superman to the current termination dispute. We’ve seen much of this before, but not in one place. Especially worth noting are full copies of the complaint, court opinions & settlement in the 1947 Siegel & Shuster lawsuit.

The other set of documents, focusing on the Shuster heirs, contains material pertaining to Shuster’s estate and the 1992 pension arrangement, including an unproduced screenplay for a Siegel and Shuster biopic.