Salt Lake Comic Con claims trademark win; SDCC: “Not so fast.”


The ongoing legal battle over the trademark of the term “comic-con” between The San Diego Comic-Con (or to give it it’s official name: Comic-Con International: San Diego) and the Salt Lake Comic Con flared up a bit yesterday when the SLC group claimed a win by being granted a trademark:


SDCC ’15: About 60,000 people show up without badges


Oh yeah, speaking of Comic-Con, there seem to have been an even greater than usual number of investigative reports on the show, what it means, how it works etc. I’ll link to a few below, but my own inquiries yielded a very interesting statistic. I was told by a reputable source that an independent study […]


SDCC ’15 – Comic Book People at Comic-Con


Want to know what comic-cons are really about? Get these books.


Anime Matsuri showrunner accused of sexual harassment


This has been alluded to over the last few days on social media, but the Houston Press sums up charges against Anime Matsuri head John Leigh, who, from multiple accounts, seems to be a serial sexual harasser. Anime Matsuri is held in Houston and is considered one of the top anime events in the US, […]


Eventbrite Survey: conventions have achieved gender parity but some still feel unwelcome


EventBrite, the ticketing agency, caused a lot of talk last year when they released the results of the first survey of convention attendees with breakdowns on gender, spending and more. They’ve done another survey this year, and the results are even more detailed. Rob Salkowitz has done a round-up over at ICv2 but the Beat […]


Flashback Friday: historic photos of San Diego in the 80s


While I was poking around the internet for the history of Marriott Hall the other day, I chanced upon some photos of San Diego in the 80s taken during and just after the construction of the Marriott Marquis and Marina. The first photo is prior to the hotel’s completion in 1987. I’m not enough of an expert in San Diego history to know the history of the marina, but as you can see, it bears very little resemblance to the glitzy high rise neighborhood of today. There’s no convention center, no Hyatt, no Embassy Suites, no Petco PArk, no Omni…nothing really.


The Suicide Girls’ $7500 auction for tickets to Comic-Con cancelled


A trip to Comic-Con with a good hotel room, two passes, dinner with the Suicide Girls and VIP access to a special burlesque show — sounds like a good deal. How much would you pay for it? Suicide Girls, the website that offers saucy, consensual webcam girls as well as some excellent journalism and more, […]


SDCC ’15: Comic-Con is staying in San Diego! Plus next year’s dates and this year’s wristbands


Life as we know it is going back to normal next year as the dates for SDCC ’16 have been revealed and it’s back to the normal third week dates of July 21-14. Thank god. None of this post Fourth of July hell. In even better news that will shock everyone, it looks like Con […]


SDCC ’15 Outside events preview: Telgemeier, Adult Swim, vertical drop rides, key cards — SPOILERS!


For those who don’t like to be surprised about what they’ll find when they arrive at San Diego for the five day time slip known as Comic-Con, a plethora of information on what you’ll see and find is already out there. SPOILERS ahoy, but forewarned is forearmed.

As you may have noticed, the San Diego Public LIbrary is now a hotspot of comics-related events. I understand there’ll be a whole slate of industry themed programing taking place there, but for early birds who get in Tuesday (an increasing number of people) the whole show kicks off with


HeroesCon Day 2: Lots of Cosplay and Surprising News

photo 3 (1)

My second dip into the HeroesCon pool saw that my thoughts regarding today’s possible increased attendance did indeed come to fruition, as the crowds around me intensified fairly significantly from the day previous. The pre-registration line remained very long throughout the entire day, and those who were purchasing their badge on-site found that they were […]


Heroes-Con is on and it’s big—and there’s a special CCS mega-panel


We couldn’t make it to HeroesCon this weekend, but it sounds like everyone else did — our reporters on the floor say the show is packed and word on the streets is that tickets presale was up significantly. Guests include everyone from Stan Lee to Babs Tarr and the show blog has all the updates and exclusive goodies.

Follow our @comicsbeatlive in Twitter for buzz from the floor and hot scoops, and @comicsbeat on Instagram for pictures. Our Davey Nieves has been slaying it with the E3 visuals but there’s more to come as always. Kyle, Hannah and Harper are all at HeroesCon so if you see them say hi and give them some news!


SDCC ’15: Comic-Con bans drones and selfie sticks, and other changes, new venues, food trucks etc.


Two weeks out from Comic-Con (that’s next week) is generally what we call “Hell Week” as all the details get locked down, programming goes out, meetings get set, dinners take shape and so on. But we’re beginning to get a picture of what’s new this year. And one thing that wont be new is selfie sticks on the con floor. The Con has updated its Tech rules to keep pace with the times, and selfie sticks, live streaming from panels, e-cigs and more are all prohibited:


When a con goes bad: Saskatoon Blitz 2015


Saskatoon Blitz is an anime/cosplay focused event that has been running for a few years with a good reputation, so this isn’t a first year show meltdown, but they do seem to have had some real organizational problems this time out. Several exhibitors had problems with staff over tables in artists alley being first come, first served (what?) and then confusion over the show’s hours led to a dispute that ended with an exhibitor being escorted from the show. And just to make it totally gross, on a private message board for the event, staffers started making horrible rape jokes about the exhibitor who complained.

Not cool.


Meet the Beat tomorrow at EternalCon in Garden City


This weekend there’s plenty of comics activity around NYC. Many will be interested in FlameCon, the first ever queen comic-con in NYC, to be held at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn…. but I will be at EternalCon, which is held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City Long Island. This is an […]


Update: DeviantArt’s statement on SDCC Artist Alley

As we reported the other day, the art sharing site/social network DeviantArt pulled out of sponsoring Artists’ Alley at the Sn Diego Comic-Con this year. While the con folks are looking for a new sponsor, it’s looking unlikely at this late date. Josh Wattles, DeviantArt’s Advisor in Chief, did release a statement on the situation: […]


Some notes on making money, exhibiting, and throwing Comic Cons


With all the comic cons and comic arts festivals going on, creators and exhibitors are becoming increasingly picky about what shows they go to. A lot of it is scheduling, but more and more what makes a good show is whether it’s profitable or not. You may recall the the Devastator and The Beat did a survey to get an idea of how and how much money people are making at shows. And of course there have been various arguments over whether cosplay, celebrities or hot dogs on a stick have more effect on poor sales at shows.