DC Announces Rebirth Collections, Plus Lots of Classic Reprints, for Early 2017!

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    Rebirth collections start shipping early next year (the obligatory #1 Omnibus ships in mid-December), although none seem to be in hardcover…  That might be a marketing ploy to gain even more readers, perhaps DC’s version of Image Comics’ $9.99 trades. Of course, this means they’ll be battling with Raina Telgemeier on the New […]

SDCC’16: Marvel Announces New Graphic Novels for 2017

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Marvel has just released their latest graphic novel catalog online! The following titles are scheduled to hit store shelves sometime in early 2017 (January-April). Since this data has just been released, there are no covers, and everything is subject to change! One interesting tidbit… you can see the actual print runs for each title! Were […]

Coming Attractions: DC Announces Lots of Cool Collections for the Holidays!

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It’s that time of year again…  DC announces their Fall trade titles! So… there’s a lot of everything here…  Bombshells, Batman, Fight Club Suicide Squad, Supergirl and Arrow and Flash, Wonder Woman, LOTS of Neil Gaiman, Absolutes and Deluxe editions and boxed sets and omnibuses, stuff for kids, a Watchmen coloring book, and lots of […]

Coming Attractions: Marvel Announces New Titles for the 2016 Holidays and Box Office

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As convention season goes from zero to 60 in a few weekends, publishers are announcing new titles, some shipping in a few months, some shipping next Fall. Marvel has announced their latest graphic novel collections, for September-December 2016, and we bring you their latest and greatest, just so you can start being good for Santa (or, […]

Disney Remasters Star Wars Once More, as a Graphic Novel!

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Last year, Marvel launched their new Star Wars comics by offering remastered editions of the original comic book adaptations. Well…  next March, Lusasfilm Press will release a brand new graphic novel adaptation of the original trilogy (AKA “A New Hope Strikes the Jedi”)! I can’t discover who made this; it’s listed as “LucasFilm Book Group”. Disney […]

Next Fall, Papercutz Sends Mickey Mouse to Purgatory, and Teams Up Barbie With Puppies!

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Papercutz, the kids-friendly brainchild of Terry Nantier and Jim Salicrup, has announced 41 new titles for Fall 2016! They have an interesting mix: original graphic novels, imports from overseas, classics from decades past, and the occasional licensed property. So, what are the highlights? BARBIE! Yes, you might have heard and seen that Ms. Roberts has undergone a corporate […]

Marvel Announces Their New Graphic Novels for May-August 2016!


Marvel has released their latest catalog, featuring trade titles for May – July 2016. There are a few interesting titles, otherwise, these are collections of the periodical comics being published now. Marvel doesn’t have any covers available, so this post is rather dry.  Here’s what I found interesting: Little Marvel Standee Punch-Out Book The Unbeatable […]

True Stories! Supergirl! Preacher! Lucifer! Yet another edition of the Killing Joke! DC Announces Their Summer Titles for 2016!

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So, everyone’s talking about the DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel… but that’s just one of 102 titles DC has announced for next summer! So, what’s planned? Lots of television tie-ins, most of them scheduled to hit shelves after the shows premiere (just like Supergirl…) Absolute Preacher will hit shelves in July, after it premieres on […]

Comics? Educational?!? : Forthcoming Graphic Novels Based on True Stories!

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Comics might just be the perfect medium for non-fiction. Words and pictures can combine with a narrative to allow for better communication. Graphs, photos, maps, schematics… all can be used to great effect. Couple this with the reader’s ability to set the pace of reading and comprehension, and the option of referring to previous pages and […]