C2E2 Diamond Retailer Breakfast: Valiant to introduce major new female character and more news


Announcements from Diamond, Marvel, Action Lab, and Valiant Comics at the C2E2 Diamond Retailers Breakfast, including Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man #1, 300,000 in sales for Black Panther #1, and a major new female character for Valiant.

Unbalanced Production: The Comics Business in the 1940s


by Carol Tilley The business of early comic book publishing in the US is something of a black box: too little data about actual practices, too many secrets in the name of competition, and too much self-aggrandizement in lieu of actual information. What we do know is kludged together lovingly by a small army of […]

Those Marvel Teasers hinted at Free Comic Book Day Offerings


Marvel comics released a bevvy of teasers in January for the All-New Wasp, something pertaining to Spider-Man and more. It seems the teasers have been payed off through Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offerings including an additional look at the All-New Wasp and a slight tease at the upcoming Spider-Man story. The books include a prologue […]

The Marvel Rundown: Comics and Television Collide in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Personal confession time. Over the past 15+ weeks I have reviewed each and every #1 in the ongoing Marvel All-New, All-Different Universe…except for one. One that still haunts me to this day. See, the day Marvel launched Secret Wars #9 was also the same day that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  #1 came out. I wanted to […]

Painful must read: Abhay Khosla’s 2015 in review


Abhay Khosla is one of the most entertaining and brutal comics pundits/reviewers out there. And his The TCJ 2015 Year-in-Review Spectacufuck leaves only bloody corpses behind with a month by month look back at 2015’s biggest kerfuffles, craziest squabbles, and most mindblowing snits, Like the way everyone got mad at Jill Lepore for letting her kids read comics: