Sales Charts: June was one of the biggest sales months in 20 years


      by John Jackson Miller (Reprinted with permission from Comichron.) Eleven comic books sold more than a hundred thousand copies to comics retailers in North America and two topped a quarter million, according to Comichron’s analysis of data released by Diamond Comic Distributors. Those two copies — Marvel’s Civil War II #1and DC’s […]

Comichron: Top Seven publishers have cut their slates by 12%


By John Jackson Miller (reprinted with permission from Comichron) There have been many Black Panther series over the years from Marvel, but the title has never been one to appear near the top of the sales charts. In April, the new series from Ta-Nahisi Coatesand Brian Stelfreeze not only was the comic book most ordered […]

The Loot Crate Effect Reaches “Cartoonish Levels” on Comics Sales


Note: The distribution numbers used below are estimates, not hard sales numbers.  They’re accurate to the trends, but take the exact unit measurements with a small grain of salt.   Recently, Comichron released Diamond distribution numbers for May 2015.  To little astonishment at the feat but some awe at the scale, Marvel’s Secret Wars #1 took the […]

May sales: The Loot Crate effect lifts all boats

Bravest Warriors Tales of Holo John

By John Jackson Miller — Marvel’s Secret Wars revival made a big splash in the comics market in May, moving more than 527,000 copies to comic shops in North America. That’s according to Comichron’s estimates for May 2015 comics sales based on information released by Diamond Comic Distributors. You can find the report here.

That’s enough to place the issue fourth on the list of best-selling comics of the century, and it could go higher with reorders. It came in a month when strong six-figure launches from A-Force and Old Man Logan, and a dominating performance from Batman: Earth 2 Vol. 2 on the graphic novel charts helped push the market to a 13% increase.

Comichron: Comics sales overcame stinky winter to go up this year



[Reprinted with permission from Comichron]

With today’s release of December comics orders from Diamond Comic Distributors — and our subsequent analysis and estimates for December 2014 comics sales now posted — Comichron has drawn upon that information to project estimates for the Top Thousand Comics and the Top Thousand Graphic Novels for 2014. Click to see them.
201404AmazingSpiderManV3n1The tables are on the page just beneath the image links to individual months. As in past years, it is a large page, necessarily, so it may take a bit to load. Also as in the past, I have rounded off estimates to the nearest hundred comics.

Before launching into a discussion of what’s on the list, some more general thoughts on 2014, now that we’ve seen all the data:

Comichron: Image has its best month since 2000


by John Jackson Miller Comics sales months in the mirror may be smaller than they appear. That’s one of the lessons of the data released today byDiamond Comic Distributors about comics sales in March 2014, as analyzed by Comichron. Click to see the comics sales estimates for March 2014. March’s sales to comics shops overall only represented […]