Review – Revenger by Charles Forsman: Action, Style & Depth


Action movies is an interesting genre, filled with their own set of charms and quirks. I like their blends of reality with dreamlike qualities. There’s so many fantastic action movies that manages to take their ridiculous premise as seriously as possible and make an earnest film out of it. The results are often fantastic.

Tonight and this weekend: Short Run Festival in Seattle


      The year in indie comics shows isn’t over yet! The Short Run Festival in Seattle kicks off with a library talk tonight and continues with events parties and exhibits on Saturday at the Fisher Pavilion at Seattle Center. Guests include Melissa Mendes, Chuck Forsman, Jim Woodring and Bruce Bickford. All the deets on the […]

The Center for Cartoon Studies spits out good cartoonists like a volcano spits out lava


Today is a day to send shout-outs to the Center for Cartoon Studies, located in White River Junction, VT and recognize it’s many good deeds. While my shout out should be a loving essay on how teaching comics has had a strong effect on storytelling and how the bucolic yet isolated campus in rural Vermont allows students to focus in on making comics, or the print room or the other great things about the faculty which includes James Sturm and Steve Bissette, I don’t have time for that.

Instead I will just direct you to Rob Clough’s series looking at the WORK of CCS grads and spotlight a few of them:

Chuck Forsman’s TEOTFW being adapted into video series in the UK


I don’t know why this news hasn’t been picked up at every entertainment blog everywhere. A comic book has been optioned for a live action “tv” show. Actually not just optioned: THE SHOW IS IN PRODUCTION! And PHOTOS OF THE STARS ARE ONLINE. Granted, there are a few quirks that make this news somehow less […]