Nice Art: What Does the Fox Say? is now a kid’s book


It’s the snappiest tune of the year, a stunning example of daffy Scandinavian humor, and something that kids won’t stop humming. So now What Does the Fox Say? is a picture books for ages 4-8. It’s written by Ylvis, the comedy duo who made “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!” a household word, with illos by prize winning Norwegian artist Svein Nyhus, so it looks […]

On the Scene: Stephen Kroninger, the Man with the Serious Scissors


No, he’s not secretly Edward Scissorhands, but if he were, that might make his job a lot easier. The New York Comics and Picture-Story Symposium hosted a talk by award-winning illustrator and photo-collage artist Stephen Kroninger on the 22nd of October at Parsons The New School, moderated by Columbia University’s Ancient and Medieval, as well […]