Q3? More like CRAP 3

It’s fitting that September’s top selling comic features an image of Wolverine crouching atop a giant turd, because overall, sales were in the crapper, and the whole quarter was in the dumpster, ICv2 tells us. If you think we’re exaggerating, the normally understated ICv2’s use of the word “Sucked” is a strong indicator.

August apocalypse: How bad?

The business news website ICv2 isn’t known for being hyperbolic. So when Milton Griepp said that this month’s comics sales had “plummeted” everyone leaped up, screaming, knocking over chairs and spilling drinks everywhere.

Sales of comics and graphic novels through Diamond Comic Distributors dropped substantially in August with periodical comics falling 17% and graphic novels down 21%.  There wasn’t a single comic title even close to the 100,000 in August. 

If it weren’t for the continued strength of SCOTT PILGRIM trades, the GN drop would have been even more grisly. On the periodical side, there was no big book, but, said ICv2, Certainly “the lack of one big title can’t account for everything.”

The grim details immediately set the punditocracy to arms, perhaps sniffing the hint of burning smoke in Tom Spurgeon’s Doomapocalyptigeddon which he descried from his aerie high in the Misty Mountains, the same distant smell of charring paper and brimstone that we’ve been picking up for the last few weeks.

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: July 2010

Vampires beat zombies this month, as the first issue of IDW’s new series based on the True Blood TV show is the top selling “indie” comic, beating an anniversary issue of The Walking Dead. We’ve also got the first issue of Doctor Solar and a new Star Wars miniseries from Dark Horse, while a new […]

July charts: Sales look wobbly

ICv2 posted their sales for July yesterday, but bucking a recent trend, periodical sales were down while GN sales were up a bit, mostly because so many Scott Pilgrim books were sold. Nut graph: “The over-all picture was one of weakness, however, as the increase in graphic novel sales was insufficient to outweigh weak comic […]

Indie Month-to-Month Sales: June 2010

Buffy may be on a break, but that doesn’t mean that a Joss Whedon book isn’t the top selling “indie” comic this month as Serenity takes the top spot. Further down the list we have lots of Red Sonja comics, a Goon spin-off by Eric Powell, and yet more adaptations of movies and TV shows.

Dark Horse had a 3.53% unit share and a 5.30% dollar share, Image had a 3.38% unit share and a 3.88% dollar share, and IDW had a 3.07% unit share and a 3.67% dollar share.

I’ve listed every “indie” title in the top 200, every title from Image, Darkhorse, and IDW (ie. “the front of Previews”), and a selection of others.

Thanks to icv2.com and Milton Griepp for permission to use these numbers, which are estimates, and can be found here.