October comics set many sales records

John Jackson Miller has posted his estimates for October 2011 sales ( ICv2’s will be out tomorrow) and it was a month of records:

DC wallops Marvel 51% to 30% in October

Looks like that risky relaunch really paid off, as DC had 51% of the comics unit share in October, according to just released Diamond figures. That was a whopping 21 points over Marvel. DC led 42% to 30% in dollars. Justice League #2 topped the comics chart, joined by Green Lantern, Batman, Detective Action, Superman and the Flash in the top 10. Marvel’s top seller was Incredible Hulk #1.

Diamond top 300 periodicals, June

It was a great month for being ultimate, being afraid and flashing.

Digital comics: What platforms are selling the best?

While we can’t answer that question, one creator, Michael Jasper has been making his percentage of sales available for IN MAPS AND LEGENDS, a fantasy comic with touches of steampunk and SF. It got its start as a Zuda competition winner but has since returned to the creators and they’ve been selling it digitally everywhere. Since IN MAPS AND LEGENDS is available on every platform, and is in a universally popular genre it’s an interesting chart:

Weekend bestsellers analysis: New York Times edition

It’s been a while since we took a look at The New York Times’ Graphic Novel best sellers lists. Let’s take a peak shall we?

The most important things you need to know today about comics, Part I

Digital comics, Dark Horse layoffs, why SPX doesn’t reach the civilian, royalties…wow, it’s all coming out now, folks.

March sales: Comics blah, GNs more blah

Okay, so comics sales were kinda crap in March, based on year-to-year comparisons, although better than February. Plus, the top book popped its head above the 100,000 mantle. But ICv2 reports that GN sales were even more problematic:

Diamond: Comics and GNs soar in March

Diamond has released the figures for March and things are looking up — at least from February, with comics up 17.13 percent and graphic novels up 13.86 percent. But sales in the first quarter were still down from 2010: Comic sales declined by 8.57 percent and GNs declined by 7.24 percent. Marvel led the month ins dollars and units. PR and charts below. BUT, see John Jackson MIller’s analysis:

FF #587 tops tepid January with 116K

ICv2 is up with the actual numbers for January and they aren’t so hot, as we previously guessed; however, the slow January sales have a number of mitigating factors:

* January always sucks
* A lot of top books did not ship from DC
* The number of products shipped in general was down from December.

Sales slide in January; Marvel tops DC, Image up — UPDATE

Overall, sales were dramatically down in January, with Marvel regaining their top at the spot with FF #587 but Image making their best showing in three years.

2010 Sales chart wrap-up: What digital comics are selling?

As we did yesterday for the print charts, David Brothers data mines comiXology’s year end-charts. There isn’t that much to go on (only a top 10 in a few categories) but some trends do emerge, including, as with GNs, a preponderance of creator-owned work.

2010 sales charts wrap-up: Creators are king

With Diamond’s year-end sales charts released, along with year-to-year comparisons, the pundits are out in force, making all kinds of observations and suggestions. We’ll try to run them down in an orderly fashion but you might want to get a cuppa…there are a lot of them,. We’ve bolded things for skimmers, however.

First off, heroic John Jackson Miller has taken all the sales charts and given us the Top 1000 Comics and Top 1000 GNs of 2010. Jackson finds softening in every region of the periodical chart:

Sales chart go-round: December Comic Sales analysis

The other day ICv2 released their sales estimates for December, and the year ended on a mixed note, as we previously reported: Comics were down 7.5 percent, while graphic novels were up a gaudy 26.7 percent. Combined sales were up 2.2 percent year over year. So why the GN sales surge? A change in shipping […]

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: October 2010

The “Return of Bruce Wayne” and “Brightest Day” brands continued to be the driving force behind DC’s periodical output in October. While most of the Batman books were on hiatus, a bunch of one-shots, collectively titled Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, filled the gap. Other October releases include the low-profile miniseries Knight and Squire and JLA/The 99. Consequently, average sales of the DC Universe line remained relatively flat.

Diamond November '10 Sales Chart information

For your infographic entertainment, we’ve just posted Diamond’s raw info in our popular “Sales Chart” category. We’ve also posted the top 50 Indies, Top 50 Indie GNs, Top 50 Manga, and Top 25 Small Publisher Comics and Small Publisher GNs below. Enjoy! Top 300 Comics — November 2010 Top 300 Graphic Novels November 2010 Top […]

Diamond: Comics, periodicals down, GNs up in November

Diamond has released their November basic data dump, and no sales rebound sight, with overall sales down 8.28 percent from a year ago and down 6.64 percent from November. However, graphic novel sales surged 14.84 percent since last year, driven by sales of THE WALKING DEAD trade collections. John Jackson Miller already has his preliminary analysis up. Diamond has recently started releasing much more information on comparative sales — I’m told this is because the partial figures they were releasing were giving rise to inaccurate projections by such folks as Miller. We have a lot more data to go on on how the market changes from year over year; let’s be judicious in how we analyze it.

Overall, the comics market is down 5.66 percent YTD in dollars and -4.18 percent in units from 2009. While that isn’t a great number, considering the economy, it could be worse.