Oni joins the Humble Bundle brigade

Humble Oni Press Comics Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

And as Valiant ended, Oni has taken up the Humble Bundle comics slot. $360 worth of comics including The Sixth Gun, Letter 44 and more. And you benefit the charity Direct Relief. Here’s more:

The Hero Initiative Announce The Uncanny X-Men Project

The Hero Initiative remains an essential part of the comics industry. They offer support to comic creators who have suffered injuries, sickness, or other problems in their lives. And they do so in some of the best and brightest and most charming ways imaginable – which leads us to The Uncanny X-Men Project.

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Bid, Buy, Love: Thought Bubble’s 2014 Charity Auction

Every year the team at Thought Bubble commission artwork from some of their star attendees and put it all up for auction to benefit Bernados, and this year the auction features pieces from Fiona Staples, Declan Shalvey, Annie Wu, Meredith Gran and Ming Doyle.

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Dark Horse Donate Digital Comics to Children’s Cancer Association

DC and Archie have both been using their comics to help raise money and support for charity in significant charity campaigns this last year, something for which they should be applauded. And last week Dark Horse Digital also helped spread a bit of cheer, as they opened their digital comics archive to the Children’s Cancer Association.

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Archie Donate $1 Million-Worth of Comics to Toys For Tots

Kicking off a new charity campaign, Archie Comics and Random House have teamed with Toys For Tots, and given away free comics to children this Christmas. Coming as part of the Toys for Tots Literacy Program, this is a part of ‘Archie’s Give-A-Book Campaign’.


Toys For Tots is a not-for-profit charity which takes new unwrapped toys and distributes them to less fortunate children in local communities, and has been running since 1995, and runs through the U.S. Marine Corps. As part of their efforts supporting the charity, Archie have given away a million dollars worth of comics to the charity, and will also be featuring the organisation in an upcoming story for Archie Double Digest #246.

In that story, the characters will pitch in as volunteers for Toys for Tots, in a story called ‘Holiday Heroes’.


Archie CEO Jon Goldwater says:

We couldn’t think of a worthier or better charity to donate our books to than Toys For Tots. We are extremely proud to encourage children to discover reading who may not have the opportunity and hopefully enrich their lives through our characters.

To find out more about Toys for Tots, and how you can get involved, please follow through the link here.

BREAKING NEWS: Batman Saves San Francisco

Breaking news coming in as we speak, with the story that Batman has been seen in San Francisco all through today, foiling nefarious schemes from both The Penguin and The Riddler! After first stopping an elaborate bank heist, Batman then went on to foil a kidnapping attempt!  His feats of heroism have not gone unnoticed, with thousands of people cheering him on through the streets of the city — and prompting even a word of congratulations from The President himself. More below.

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Auction Launched for Inker Jim Sanders III

Writer Clifford Meth made a post to his blog around a week ago, in which he detailed a message he’d received from inker Jim Sanders III. Following a failed kidney transplant, Sanders has been struggling with several health condition and financially. Today, in response to this, Meth and the Inkwell Awards’ Bob Almond have set up an Ebay auction on behalf of Sanders, hoping to raise money so he can get back to doing what he wants to be doing – inking and working.

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