Heroes-Con is on and it’s big—and there’s a special CCS mega-panel


We couldn’t make it to HeroesCon this weekend, but it sounds like everyone else did — our reporters on the floor say the show is packed and word on the streets is that tickets presale was up significantly. Guests include everyone from Stan Lee to Babs Tarr and the show blog has all the updates and exclusive goodies.

Follow our @comicsbeatlive in Twitter for buzz from the floor and hot scoops, and @comicsbeat on Instagram for pictures. Our Davey Nieves has been slaying it with the E3 visuals but there’s more to come as always. Kyle, Hannah and Harper are all at HeroesCon so if you see them say hi and give them some news!

The Center for Cartoon Studies spits out good cartoonists like a volcano spits out lava


Today is a day to send shout-outs to the Center for Cartoon Studies, located in White River Junction, VT and recognize it’s many good deeds. While my shout out should be a loving essay on how teaching comics has had a strong effect on storytelling and how the bucolic yet isolated campus in rural Vermont allows students to focus in on making comics, or the print room or the other great things about the faculty which includes James Sturm and Steve Bissette, I don’t have time for that.

Instead I will just direct you to Rob Clough’s series looking at the WORK of CCS grads and spotlight a few of them:

WonderCon, CCS, etc., etc.


• I regret to inform the dozens of people who were looking forward to my being there, that I won’t be at WonderCon after all. Some travel stuff and other factors made it unfeasible. I’m sad I won’t be seeing everyone, but not as sad that I won’t be complaining about the line at Starbucks every morning.

The one comic book movie you MUST see: CARTOON COLLEGE

AMC, History Channel, Spike—every TV network that ever wanted to do a “Comic Book Idol” TV show—here is the comic book life captured in its most primal and dramatic: people arguing about cover design in front of over stuffed bookcases and furnishing mingled from antiques and plastic storage boxes from Target. Yes, this is the life.

Video Watch: Tom Gammill at CCS

Comedy writer Tom Gammill (Seinfeld, The Simpsons) has a comic strip called The Doozies, and has made a bunch of videos in which he teaches the ancient secrets of cartooning. In his 26th episode, he visits the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and discovered things about the climate and the students. The humor is a bit, er, broad, but this video is quite charming.