Revealed! The Fate of Catwoman!


Remember last month when Catwoman was shot at close range in the head in issue #4 of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, and lay in a pool of her own blood and everyone cried and got upset because comic book character die all the time and it is so, so final? Well there is a preview […]

On the Scene: WonderCon 2013, Ann Nocenti and Jim Lee Enthuse about Comics


On March 30th, WonderCon attendees got treated to a bonus feature in a Spotlight panel with Ann Nocenti, Jim Lee acting as her interviewer. The two had so much shared history that they reminisced about the “good old days” at Marvel as well as plunging into the current artwork that most impresses them on their […]

The Internet Attempts to Comprehend Catwoman's Newest Look

The cover for September’s issue of Catwoman is…..