A Lazy Comics Summer Weekend

Many decades ago, I would wander far and wide to get my comics.

Sometimes it was a magazine rack at a small town grocery store.

Othertimes, a spinner rack at a newsstand or bookstore.

Later, an actual comics shop.  (Yes, uphill both ways, but with a convenience store halfway with a soda fountain!)

This weekend, I flashbacked to summers long ago, as I wandered around Manhattan.  (Heat + aroma of newsprint + no agenda/responsibilities = childhood nostalgia) [Read more…]

Carmine Street Comics: A New Shop Opening Today in New York!

By Dre Grigoropol

A new store is opening up today, May 1st, 2013 in New York City’s West Village! This new store will be called Carmine Street Comics, due to its location on historic Carmine Street.  Edgar Allen Poe even lived in the area! This new shop is owned and operated by two former Manhattan Comics and More employees, Jon Gorga and Michael Novo, along with Mike McLeroy.

Novo & Gorga

Mike Novo & Jon Gorga.  Photo by Dre Grigoropol.

This new shop will have a stronger focus on the indie comics community.  A part of their agenda is a “Store Front Artist Program”. This program will involve having a permanent rotation of  Artists in Residence, working in-house in the store’s micro-mini studio space. The shop’s grand opening is today May 1st, 2013 from 10 am to 10 pm.  The opening will feature an abundance of activities, such as local artists working in the store’s studio space all day, a signing at 6 PM by NYC-based writer-artist Brian Wood and his collaborator artist Declan Shalvey, as well as an earlier presentation at 2pm with Arlen Schumer, artist, comics art historian, and designer of the Carmine Street Comics logo. Carmine Street Comics is also participating in Free Comics Day on May 4th 2013.



Owners: Jon Gorga, Mike Novo & Mike McLeroy (in Miami)
Company: Carmine Street Comics, LL
Address: 34 Carmine Street
New York City, NY 10014

To contact Carmine Street Comics:
[email protected] (for business)
[email protected] (for customers)

[Dre Grigoropol is an indie cartoonist and blogger. Her work can be viewed at www.dretime.org. Follow her on Twitter at @dretimecomics. Photos by Dre Grigoropol]