That 1-Ton Captain America statue gets an official Brooklyn welcome next week before moving on to Bed, Bath and Beyond


  That 13-foot high 1-ton solid Bronze Captain America statue will be unveiled in Prospect Park Brooklyn next week on Wednesday, August 10, from 1-3 pm. Later that night, Captain America: Civil War will be shown as part of Propect Park’s “A Summer Movie Under the Stars” program. A very nice day! The dedication ceremony will […]

Breaking: All the Marvel Now (2016) leaks and no more X-men?


UPDATE: In the original version of this post, I made a joke about Dennis Barger being a suspect for the leak. IN this case he most certainly was not, as he did not get his books until Tuesday and we must look to a different bearded leaker. I apologize to Dennis for making an obvious […]

Report: Brie Larson is the top choice for CAPTAIN MARVEL


This year’s Oscar Best Actress winner for her remarkable performance in Room may be on the verge of headlining Marvel Studios first female-led big screen effort. According to a report in Variety, Brie Larson is in early negotiations to play the role of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel in the studio’s solo launch of the […]

Exclusive Reveal: Check Out Pasqual Ferry’s CIVIL WAR II #1 Variant & Celebrate the First Fried Pie Con


Fried Pie Comics, a line dedicated to producing special variant covers for comic books, has been making a splash since it debuted in October 2015.  They’ve produced collectible versions of huge titles titles including Dark Knight III #1 and Rick and Morty #14.  Now, they’re hosting their first convention. Fried Pie Con will take place in Kennesaw, […]

Captain Marvel in Lego Avengers Brings Treats for Long Time Comics Fans


Earlier this week the hit video game Lego Marvel’s Avengers added a new Captain Marvel pack as part of Marvel’s “Women of Power” initiative for March. Fans got Carol in all her glory but you know…blockier. Like all the Lego versions of the characters we love she’s adorable and dangerous. What we didn’t know was […]

The Marvel Rundown: Captain Marvel and Silver Surfer Protect the 616 Universe


Last week, it happened.  Marvel finally ended the event that kicked off their line-wide All-New All-Different relaunch when they released Secret Wars #9. We had an in-depth review on the comic, but will be continuing our Marvel review series under a familiar moniker; The Marvel Rundown. We took out those annoying adjectives, but will continue to […]

Marvel’s Women’s History Month Variants Will Rock Your World


March is Women’s History Month, and in 2016 Marvel plans on celebrating the tradition by releasing a series of variant covers featuring some of the company’s most prolific female heroes.  These covers feature art by a variety of progressive and unique talents such as Tula Lotay, Annie Wu, Jamie McKelvie, and Emanuela Lupacchino. As Comics […]

Marvel announces Ant-Man sequel, Phase 3 update


Surprise! On the first day of NYCC, Marvel Studios has announced a few changes related to their Phase 3 slate of films. First things first, the biggest news: there’s an Ant-Man sequel coming. Set for July 6, 2018, Ant-Man and The Wasp will feature the adventures of Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne (Paul Rudd […]