Podcast Watch: Reilly Brown on Word Balloon about Marvel Infinite Comics


The fairly recent innovation of layered comics used by Thrillbent, Marvel Infinite and others is still a mystery to most, even though I’m convinced it’s going to be a future if not the future of digital comics. But creator Reilly Brown, one of the very first to utilize the format with Power Play, went into a good amount […]

Cable Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Pull for 9/16/15


Last week, we learned that we had an internal leak at Stately Beat Manor, home of the staffers of the Comics Beat, the world’s greatest information sources of all things comics. One of our newest writers had secretly been operating a blog for Marvel ‘90s villain Stryfe. The antagonist had secret correspondence with the staffer […]

Deadpool and Cable go Existential for a Split Second with Brown and Nicieza


Deadpool and Cable might not be the best of friends, but that doesn’t stop Marvel from teaming up the unlikely duo again and again. This time instead of going with the classic idea of putting the pair into a book under the moniker Cable & Deadpool, Marvel placed Deadpool’s name first in Deadpool & Cable: Split Second. […]