On the Scene: Convention Diary C2E2 Food, Legos, and Oh Yes, Comics.


by Amy Chu Friday Day 1 A Good Start 11:50 am Avoiding the craziness at  O’Hare airport by arriving at Chicago’s much smaller Midway. No delay – off to a good start.  Instead of plunking down $40+ for a taxi, I opt for public transportation to downtown Chicago for a mere $2.25. 1 pm My hotel […]

C2E2 Photo Parade: The Good, The Bad, and The Cosplay

My journey to salty meat began with this "salami sandwich" at the Eleven Diner. The pickle provides valuable fiber and nutrition.

Some of the amazing sights at this year’s C2E2 convention! (Not really — just some random fuzzy pictures The Beat took.)

C2E2: Marvel: The Next Big Thing


Marvel has been showing off covers at their Next Big Thing Panel. Ultimate X-Men 29 Ultimates 27     Ultimate Spider-Man 25   Iron Man 12   Hulk 11 Hulk 10 Thor 13

C2E2: The X-Men Panel – X-Factor Ends, Declan Shalvey Arrives, Wolverine Loses Healing Factor


The X-Men Panel has just concluded over at the ol’ C2E2, and there’s been a number of various announcements. New storylines, book cancellations, and new creative teams coming onto the books. Here’s a rundown of what happened. By the way – Steve here, in case you’re confused why Todd is suddenly rattling on at length […]

C2E2: Marvel: From NOW! To Infinity — Avengers Arena Ends ‘Season One'; Charles Soule takes over Thunderbolts


Steve here again! Charles Soule joined the Thunderbolts, many future storylines were teased, Stefano Caselli got a new gig, and some big news was announced about the future of Avengers Arena, all at the ‘From NOW! To Infinity’ panel at C2E2.

C2E2 Liveblogging Dark Horse Spring Fever

C2E2 is on this weekend and we’re liveblogging the Dark Horse panel.  Get ready to start hitting refresh. Scott Allie is on the stage and talking about a horror line New Orleans is a Werewolf Town Alexi DiCampi doing a grindhouse horror title. David Lapham on Del Toro’s Strain comic – second arc Steve Niles […]



It’s C2E2 and we’re liveblogging the Valiant panel. Get ready to hit refresh. (And we’ve got plenty of art at the bottom for you to looks at.) Our cast: Atom Freeman, Robert Venditti, Clayton Henry, Fred Pierce, Hunter Gorinson and The CEO. Planet Death will be resolving several initial storylines in the next couple of […]

C2E2: Liveblogging Batman/Superman 101

It’s day 2 of C2E2 and we’re liveblogging the “Batman/Superman 101″ panel.  (And to think, it used to be a Superman/Batman world… I guess the pecking order has changed.)  Get ready to start hitting reload. Our cast: Jimmy Palmiotti, Bob Harras, Chris Burnham, James Tynion, The Layman and Kenneth Rocafort.

C2E2: Superior Spider-Man – The Return of Spider-Man 2099


Marvel was showing off a few covers at the Superior Spider-Man panel and… is that… the Spider-Man of 2099 Why yes, yes it is. Miguel will be returning to Marvel comics in issue #17 of Superior Spider-Man, heralding in the start of a new story arc which seems to be bringing in members of the […]

C2E2 – The Age of Ultron Panel


            At the Age of Ultron panel, Marvel was showing off a few covers: Age of Ultron 7   Age of Ultron 7   Age of Ultron 8   Fearless Defenders 4   Uncanny Avengers   Age of Ultron 10 AI   Age of Ultron 9   Age of Ultron […]

C2E2: Liveblogging DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD

C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the DREDD and Beyond: The Whole Wide World of 2000 AD, so get ready to hit reload. Our cast of characters include Andy Diggle , Michael Carroll , Paul Cornell and some noob named Heidi MacDonald. Q: What do Americans know about Dredd. Heidi: I was surprised it only went […]

C2E2 – Liveblogging “Making Comics the Avatar Way” (New Garth Ennis Projects)

C2E2 has invaded Chicago and we’re liveblogging the “Making Comics the Avatar Way” panel, which should be kicking off momentarily.  Get ready to start hitting reload. Jim Kuhoric looks to be doing this solo. They start from the point of what the other publishers won’t let the creators do. It’s not all extreme, but that’s […]

C2E2 – Liveblogging the DC COMICS 101 Panel.

It’s C2E2.  Get ready to hit refresh. Our Cast: Bob Harras, Bobbi Chase John Cunningham and our man Fletcher. Man of Steel is coming out soon and they’re showing a trailer for it. Harras says his favorite Superman villain is Brainiac.  Harras has love for Jor-El, who was in the first comic he read. Chase’s […]