Fact check: can you really fight in The Brokeback Pose?

Okay so like we don’t have enough to do, we just started a tumblr for The Brokeback Pose. Because…well because it’s so awesome.

To get us warmed up, here’s a post from a martial artist/contortionist, who explains that having your top and bottom face different directions is not that easy…and not very realistic in a fight. (Here’s a follow-up post with more.)


Taking a look at these, they just don’t seem to be the best fighting poses possible. What do you think. Of course, torsion adds power behind punches, but adding this “foot up driving forward” pose would seem to be pushing the momentum into the knee.

Here’s an interesting example from this month’s RED LANTERN that shows a BATTLE OF THE BROKEBACKS! Including the ultra-rare MALE FORWARD BROKEBACK! Who do you think will win?

Rafael? Any other martial artists/fighters out there?

As for the tumblr, I’m not really going to have time to update it a lot, but send me examples at comicsbeat @ gmail.com. Or if you want to help post, shoot me a line.

UPDATE: After standing up I attempted to throw a punch with my lead knee cocked, but…well it didn’t work and I lost my shoe doing so. Figuring I am not a pro at this, I found the following picture of a man who know how to punch, Muhammed Ali.

As you can see, when throwing a punch the lead/opposite foot is planted and bent to give that hip torque Rafael was talking about.

So, to give more power to the punch you plant the front foot, instead of cocking it in the air in order to show that little dark triangle between your butt cheeks.

Ali’s pose is not as dynamic, though.

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/26/10

§ Ed Sizemore hosts the Manga Moveable Feast spotlight on Mushishi

The concept is simple enough: for one week each month, bloggers and reviewers agree to write about one particular manga. By getting a diversity of opinions, we hope to challenge each other to see not just the featured manga, but all manga, in new ways and to incorporate this new understanding into our future reviews. The intent is to foster dialogue among the review community to help us sharpen our critical and writing skills. For April, the chosen title is Mushishi by Yuki Urushibara, published in the U.S. by Del Rey.

Book bloggers do this kind of rotating spotlight quite a bit…it’s definitely something that comics bloggers could pick up on — it’s also a great way to publicize a book, as well as get a diversity of opinion out there.

§ Fantaraphics’ Eric Reynolds went to MoCCA & CCS and then blogged about it!

I don’t have the stamina to really write up the highlights from my three days in WRJ, but I couldn’t have had a better time. Our hosts — the aforementioned Mr. Sturm and CCS President and co-founder Michelle Ollie and CCS Secret Weapon Robyn Chapman — were wonderfully gracious hosts and clearly have created something special in WRJ. I’ve been to a few other schools that offer curriculums in cartooning, and hands-down, the quality of work coming out of CCS was the best I’ve ever seen. Very little work derivative of the dominant genres in comics — namely, manga and superheroes — and instead a focus on personal expression and style with little regard for learning what it takes to be a “commercial” artist. We all did portfolio reviews one afternoon and I was frankly dreading it a bit but found myself thoroughly enjoying it.

§ ICv2 invents a whole new metric to quantify how much manga is being carried at book chains, dubbing it The Naruto Index

There are 47 volumes of the Naruto manga in print and available at Amazon, giving it a Naruto Index of 100%. In years past, Borders and Barnes & Noble stores were often in stock on all but a handful of volumes on lengthy manga series. But that’s not the case now. Despite the fact that Naruto is presumably the highest priority manga series, with the biggest sales in the category, the two big book chains were out of stock on a fairly high percentage of titles.

§ It is a fact not commented on enough that Ty Templeton is a very amusing fellow, but this list of The Top Seven Comics Creators who can KICK YOUR ASS has changed that — meaning it has been commented on plenty. Ty is still very funny.

Dc Korak 046-28

§ We can never, ever resist linking to Carson of Venus by Len Wein and Mike Kaluta. Why doesn’t someone just use this as a storyboard for a movie already? (Via)

§ Another link from Flog, this time Mike Baehr’s list of Things to see that is so awesome we have stolen some for their own posts.

Woma002B001 Col

§ Faith Erin Hicks went places and did things, like Animinitime in Halifax. She also posted a sweet panel from her story in Girl Comics.

Iron Man Ii

§ J. Caleb Mozzocco investigates a John Romita Jr illustration in USA Weekend, tying in with IRON MAN 2, hence the bitchin’ Whiplash above.


§ OUTSTANDING example of the Brokeback!