Fact check: can you really fight in The Brokeback Pose?

Okay so like we don’t have enough to do, we just started a tumblr for The Brokeback Pose. Because…well because it’s so awesome.

To get us warmed up, here’s a post from a martial artist/contortionist, who explains that having your top and bottom face different directions is not that easy…and not very realistic in a fight. (Here’s a follow-up post with more.)

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/26/10

§ Ed Sizemore hosts the Manga Moveable Feast spotlight on Mushishi The concept is simple enough: for one week each month, bloggers and reviewers agree to write about one particular manga. By getting a diversity of opinions, we hope to challenge each other to see not just the featured manga, but all manga, in new […]