Review: INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1: Riri’s Debut is Moving, Emotional, and Powerful


by Defne Sastim Invincible Iron Man #1 is the big introduction for one of the most highly anticipated books and characters in Marvel Comics this year. Riri Williams, a 15-year-old genius, is set to take on the Iron Man mantle as Ironheart in Invincible Iron Man, penned by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Stefano […]

The Marvel Rundown: Civil War II #0 exceeds expectations


Civil War II is a Marvel comic so big that one prequel issue can’t possibly cover all the details of the conflict’s catalyst. This event, which pits Captain Marvel against Iron Man, is the latest in a long line of Marvel summer blockbuster comics.  It is also a spiritual successor to the 2006 event by writer Mark Millar (Fantastic Four) […]

The Marvel Rundown: Why does the new Iron Man comic inspire Hulk rage?

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Ain’t no rest for the wicked…or the Marvel Universe, for that matter. This week, the publisher launched a second Iron Man ongoing series, with Brian Michael Bendis once more at the helm. Given the flood of ongoing series debuting at the publisher, can Bendis manage two on-going Iron Man series at the same time? Will he switch up […]

Marvel’s Civil War II Creative Team is revealed — UPDATED

civil war II

Marvel teased Civil War II with a postcard last October, but no more information has been revealed. However, a calendar for retailers had the project as the calendar girl for April, and Lucas Siegel got them to fess up: it will be written by Brian Michael Bendis and Drawn by David Marquez, basically the current […]

Jessica Jones: some thoughts, art and news notes


I had the chance to watch the first two episodes of Jessica Jones, the new Netflix series based on the Marvel characters and I liked it a bit more than Kyle thus far. It’s a grimy, worn down detective tale with added super strength. Krysten Ritter fills the role of the driven, PTSD suffering private […]

New INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN Series Sees Bendis & Maleev Take Stark Global


As per Marvel’s announcement through EW this morning, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Alex Maleev have signed up to put a Batman Incorporated spin on the man in the suit built in a cave with a box of scraps.  International Iron Man, set to debut early next year, will feature Tony Stark at his most outwardly […]

A Month Of Venturing Into the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe: Recapping Week One


The weirdest thing happened in Marvel last week. The publisher’s landmark Secret Wars event has been delayed repeatedly, but Marvel is moving ahead as scheduled with their full line relauch, giving birth to the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe. We at Comics Beat are dedicated to praising great comics, and with so many potential winners out there it […]