Tonight to do: Brandon Graham on Comics, Creativity, and Censorship


And here’s another great event for the weekend, Brandon Graham talking about Comics, Creativity, and Censorship at the Society of Illustrators/ The event is sponsored by the CBLDF. Brandon Graham, the acclaimed cartoonist of the highly influential graphic novels King City and Multiple Warheads, and the driving force behind the genre-bending science fiction series Prophet […]

Brandon Graham Explains The Arrangement of ‘8house’


Overseen by Brandon Graham, the ‘8house’ project was first announced earlier this year at the first Image Expo. Described as being a series of stories by different creators, all set within the same overall world, there’ve been a lot of questions about what exactly will be the arrangement of the stories – not just who’ll […]

Image in December: Black Kiss Christmas Special, Uh-Oh


After taking a look over the solicitations for Marvel and DC in December, it’s time to take a look at Image’s new comics. There’s a whole new load of first issues, along with some specials and – uh-oh – a Black Kiss 2 Christmas Special. Ho-ho-ho?

Brandon Graham on why he doesn’t want to work for DC


In a series of Tumblr posts Brandon Graham reports his experiences working on an 8-page Madame Xanadu story for Vertigo’s House of Mystery Halloween Annual in 2010: It was an interesting experience. The editor was super heavy handed. but missed some basics ,like I was never told that the kids I drew were meant to […]

Good Work, Comics!

Extermination_5_CVA (1)

Is there nowhere in the world of culture which can stay positive for more than five minutes!? This week we found out that not even glam rock could provide us safety (now we’re firmly in the barren hair-straightened wastelands of the post-80s), with the news that Kiss and Aerosmith are now art war with each […]

Multiple Warheads launches 4-city tour


Brandon Graham is hitting the road behind the first issue of MULTIPLE WARHEADS, his loopy, memorable comic about organ smuggling that’s already getting rave reviews.

KING CITY is a hit


Brandon Graham’s KING CITY is something of a poster child for the fusion comics generation—begun as a “OEL manga” it was rescued from contract limbo and returned to lead the vanguard of Image’s newly invigorated and eclectic line. But it’s more than just a symbol—people actually seem to be buying it.

Stumptown unveils official poster by Brandon Graham


Zeitgeisty Brandon Graham covers the Stumptown Comics Fest, to be held April 16-17, in Portland, OR.