Kickwatcher alert: Bob Burden’s Thrilling Visions Sketchbook #2 is really weird


Bob Burden’s crazed yet wise comics and art are truly sui generis. The creator of The Flaming Carrot and The Mystery Men was way ahead of his time with the goofy superhero thing. And now he’s back to Kickstarter with THRILLING VISIONS 2 Sketchbook which covers Flaming Carrot’s early years, with a Dave Stevens cover. […]


NC Comicon—the local con wins


It was nice to finish up a busy and exhausting year of cons (11 or 12) with one of the strong local shows that has been a hallmark of current comics/nerd culture. The NC Comicon was put together by the guys behind Ultimate Comics, a popular shop in Durham, NC.


Kick-Watcher: Wild Blue Yonder, Mike Deodato, Jr. and Flaming Carrot

Kickstarter has become an avenue for cartoonist to get funding for their projects. Lately more and more working professionals have taken full advantage of this major platform. Here are some projects that are promising and deserve support.


Marvel wonders "Who are the Mystery Men?"

A news teaser campaign rolls out.

Of course, the temptation to answer “a cult 1999 film starring Janeane Garofalo, Ben Stiller, Paul Reubens, Eddie Izzard, and William H. Macy and created by Bob Burden” is irresistible. If only…