Separated at birth: Green Lantern and Superman Earth One


On the left is the cover to Green Lantern 41 by Billy Tan. On the right is Shane Davis’s cover to the bestselling standalone graphic novel Superman Earth One Volume One. Now, I know the “hooded guy looking gloomy and grim with glowing eyes” image is a bit of a trope —it’s no Buddyback, but […]

Kick-Watcher: Jason Coffee’s Warhawks and Meatspace 2 & 3


Jason Coffee passed away at the age of 33 leaving behind many sci-fi movie scripts that will never see the light of day. Jason’s dying wish was for his voice to be heard, so his friends respected his wishes and adapted Coffee’s Warhawks  screenplay into a comic book. Josh Grofain is back on the Kickstarter-horse after […]