The Beat’s Weekly Toy Review & Preview!


By: Nicholas Eskey Welcome back to another exciting episode of “The Beat’s Weekly Toy Review & Preview! We have a humdinger of an episode today kids, as a lot of collectible figures have been announced recently. Since I couldn’t narrow my favorites down to a short list, be prepared for a longer than usual post. […]

The Beat’s Weekly Toy Preview!

Funko's POP! Overwatch

By Nicholas Eskey Welcome back fellow toy-o-philes to another weekly(ish) installment of my favorite picks for newly released or soon to be released nerdy toys. I’ve scoured the internets and come across what lovely pieces of plastic have caught my eye and hope they will catch your fancy. Without further text diarrhea, here are the […]

The Beat’s Weekly Toy Review!

POP! Rhaegal

By: Nicholas Eskey Every week, companies announce new, nerdy toys that threaten to drain our bank accounts and fill every spare inch on our shelves. To help you decide what is buy-worthy, we have decided to dedicate ourselves to highlighting the best of the best. Welcome to the new weekly toy preview! Without further stalling, […]

Commentary: BATMAN: The Uncomfortable Conversation


When Heidi offered her forum to me to discuss issues of diversity, I was hesitant. I admire activism, but I’m a writer and my passion is talking storytelling and character. The opportunity made me feel unsafe, like somehow I would put storytelling in danger by raising the issue of diversity within it. I realized, during a long play session of FALLOUT 4 (my chosen tool for meditation), that my safety wasn’t at stake.

I was protecting my comfort.

Diversity is an uncomfortable conversation, especially on the internet. Writing popular fiction is kin to walking barefoot on hot coals. If you ignore the heat, you can make it to the other side. The moment you think about what’s underneath you, the flame takes you forever.

Toy Fair 2016: Lego Star Wars, Marvel Civil War and Ghostbusters sets revealed


Ah Toy Fair, a riot of plastic, wood, metal, resin and MAGIC! As usual, The Beat pounded the halls of the JAvits Center and beyodnd to bring you only the FRESHEST toys and playthings. The day started at 7 am with the Lego event. As that time of day there isn’t much to remember but […]