Congrats To Mariah Huehner on the birth of her daughter

2011 Independence Day Celebration at York Field. File photo

Last night, the 17th, I gave birth to my daughter. Welcome to the world, Olivia. — Mariah Huehner (@TiredFairy) March 18, 2015 Our daughter has @shift9 lovely long hands. — Mariah Huehner (@TiredFairy) March 18, 2015 Comics writer and former Vertigo and IDW editor Mariah Huehner gave birth to a daughter yesterday, named Olivia. […]


Iron Man is semi-nude in new Secret Origin teaser


It has been suggested to me that running Big Two teasers as news is destroying the very fabric of comics; however, when they are a cute, clever Image, I reserve the right to run them.

This refers to some yet to be revealed storyline involving the character Iron Man, as far as I can make out.