Maggie Thompson’s Comics Auction Begins Today


THE comics critic Maggie Thompson will be spending the next few months putting much of her comics collection up for auction online, a collection which includes first issues of Avengers, The Hulk, and a whole host of other startling items. As one of the pre-eminent comics critics out there, you won’t be surprised to learn […]

Auction Launched for Inker Jim Sanders III


Writer Clifford Meth made a post to his blog around a week ago, in which he detailed a message he’d received from inker Jim Sanders III. Following a failed kidney transplant, Sanders has been struggling with several health condition and financially. Today, in response to this, Meth and the Inkwell Awards’ Bob Almond have set up […]

Dave Sim plots new career path with art auction


When last we left Cerebus creator Dave Sim, he was contemplating a grim existence as his declining productivity and shrinking market place left him few recourses to make a living. Fortunately for all, he was saved from a life of dining on Fancy Feast by a Kickstarter campaign, the arrival of cover work from IDW and an agreement to publish a print version of the digital High Society, whatever that is. And now, as he discusses in a post at A MOMENT OF CEREBUS, he’s found a new way to make money: selling artwork.

What Am I Bid?: Recent Comics and Movie Auction Results


The Fantasy Economy continues, with a record comics auction at Heritage, and an amazing array of Hollywood memorabilia from Profiles in History!

Team Cul De Sac Auction Goes Live!


When Richard Thompson was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, fellow cartoonists created Team Cul de Sac, donating original artwork to benefit The Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. A benefit book is forthcoming, and the artwork is up for auction! Read on for more information, and selected artwork!

What Am I Bid?: Heritage Auction's 2011 May New York Signature Vintage Comics & Comic Art Auction #7033


As you’ve probably heard elsewhere, Heritage Auction recently sold a piece of original comics artwork for…