24 Hours of International Comics: The New Asterix Album Is Announced!

Asterix 38

Here’s another discovery I found while researching German comics publishers yesterday… The title of the new Asterix album, the second since Albert Uderzo retired, was announced at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair Tuesday! The title of #Album36 is … pic.twitter.com/afdYAfFHU0 — Astérix (@asterixofficiel) March 31, 2015 22 October 2015 is the announced release date, but […]

So Are We All Agreed that Asterix is Better than Tintin?


Ian Samson caused a bitter civil war in Britain this week through his article at the New Statesman titled “A lot of Gaul: why Asterix is better than Tintin”. Within minutes this article had spread to Twitter, where it broke apart the once-thriving comics scene in our nation and set writer against artist, editor against letterer. […]