How Fathom Blue Ripples in the Aspen Sea

Fathom Blue #3

We talk to Aspen Comics editor-in-chief Vince Hernandez about the brave new world of Fathom Blue.


Mysterio Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Comics Pull for 7/29/15


Team Beat, a group of the world’s most elite comic book reading/writing forces assembled in the Stately Beat Staff Manor to deliver The Beat — the world’s premiere comic book website. Recently, Marvel and DC characters from decades past have found themselves wandering through the manner including Bessie the Hellcow, Ruby Tuesday, Vibe, Prez and […]


SDCC’15: Aspen Comics Practice Santeria for Comic-Con

Panel exclusive Critter #1

Aspen Comics shows off new art at SDCC 2015


Aspen Comics Announce SDCC Plans


Aspen Comics reveal their plans for SDCC including a very limited edition of Michael Turner’s Fathom.




The Four Points #3   Story: Scott Lobdell Art: Jordan Gunderson Colors: Valentina Pinto Letters: Josh Reed Publisher: Aspen COmics       Team stories are probably the hardest to tell in comics, maybe anywhere. To enjoy any tale; the reader needs to know whose story it is. A perfect example would be when you […]


Review: Psycho Bonkers #1 is a cheat code for fun


I can’t sleep ’cause my car’s on fire
Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire
Psycho Bonkers


Walking The Game Beat: Marvel’s Age of Ultron Marketing, Aspen Comes to PS3, Star Wars Contra?


Avengers: Age of Ultron launches the Summer movie season on May 1st, but before that the Marvel synergy machine rolls out across every facet from publishing to video games. The Avengers will face the full force of Ultron and his Pymtech robots in the match three puzzle game Marvel Puzzle Quest. Players will have to […]


Review: Bringing Together The Four Points #1


Aspen Comics mightiest women unite in their new team book.


Wondercon’15: Aspen Comics Familiar Places With New Faces

Soulfire Eternal #1

Aspen Comics’ Wondercon panel runs down their 2015 and shows off incredible artwork.


Review: LOLA XoXo #6, A Violent Femme


Lola XoXo wraps its first volume and makes a case for women being the superior post apocalyptic survivors.


Preview: Kiani Stars in Aspen Comics Sister Act


By Davey Nieves As Aspen Comics announced towards the end of last year the Fathom universe’s anti-hero Kiani would get a new volume in her saga. Written by Vince Hernandez, with Giuseppe Cafaro on art, this February will see Fathom: Kiani Vol.4 #1 hit stores. Following the catastrophic destruction of the Volna, the Russian Government’s secret […]


Aspen Comikaze Panel Sneak Peek


By David Nieves 2014 has been quite a year for Aspen Comics, following their 10th anniversary in ’13, the house that Michael Turner built made waves striking a deal with digital platform Madefire and recently acquiring publishing rights for some of Big Dog Ink’s titles. Now they’re wrapping up the convention year Sunday afternoon with a […]


Big Dog Ink to become an imprint of Aspen Comics


Every once in a while I mention the “small companies banding together to survive in a hostile environment” strategy, and here’s a perfect example. Aspen Comics, the long running company founded by the late Michael Turner, has acquired Big Dog Ink as an imprint. Both Aspen and Big Dog publish primarily periodicals, and that really is a tough business plan these days unless you have well known IP, and even then it is no cakewalk.


SDCC 14: Aspen Comics Another “Aloha”


By David Nieves Aspen Comics beat their own drum through the walls of Hall 9 today at SDCC. Panelsts included EIC Vince Hernandez, Beth Sotelo, Siya Oum, Jordan Gunderson, Giuseppe Cafaro, T.G Roberts, J.T Krul, Josh Reed, and Scott Lobdell. Festivities were led as usual by Frank Mastromro and Peter Steigerwald, kicking off with the […]


SDCC’13: Ten Years of Aspen Comics!


By David Nieves On a stage much too small to hold thirteen people, Aspen Comics landed in room 9 of the San Diego Convention Center to officially celebrate 10 Years of Aspen Comics.