Aspen Comics reveals winners from their Santeria talent search

Stefano Fortis

With Aspen Comics news of a shared universe among some of its flagship titles; the publisher today revealed David Wohl’s Santeria: The Goddess Kiss would be returning in January with issue three. The book, about an EMT in Spanish Harlem whose life is altered when an ancient supernatural power is unleashed, has been delayed since […]

SDCC’16: Aspen Comics Teases Their Post “Revelations” future


Teased over the past few days leading up to SDCC 2016, Aspen Comics are looking ahead to a new starting point once their recently launched Fathom/Soulfire crossover, Revelations, wraps later this year. Though the publisher remains coy about specific details, they do have big teases for their loyal readership. Aspen Matthews’ new Revelations look appears to […]

Justice League #1 Gets Aspen Store Michael Turner Variant


DC Comics Rebirth has renewed fans love affair with their stable of characters by bringing back much of what we missed about super hero comics. It’s also brought another group of fans out in full force; followers of the late Michael Turner, who passed away in 2008 after a long struggle with bone cancer. The artist […]

Amazing Spider-Man #15 Gets Michael Turner Variant Cover


With the tremendous response to their recent Batman #1 variant, Aspen Comics is partnering with Marvel for an Amazing Spider-Man #15 variant cover. Much like their Batman cover, this Spidey cover will utilize art by renowned artist and Aspen Comics founder Michael Turner. Here’s the official word from Aspen Comics: Marvel Comics and Aspen Comics have […]

Aspen Comics Brings One of the Best Humble Bundles to Date


Humble bundle is one of the best things to happen to comics. It gives publishers a platform to reach broader audiences while doing something good for various charities. You pay what you want and in return you’ll receive a UNICEF aid package size drop of comics, some you’ve probably read, others you may have missed. […]

Aspen Comics is Giving Undiscovered Talent Their Shot


Cleaver marketing? Easy way to get out of commissioning covers? Maybe a bit of both. Aspen Comics newest series, Santeria: The Goddess Kiss,  launches this week to make things even more enticing the publisher is coordinating a talent search for aspiring artists looking for a place to showcase their skills. Four of the most eye […]

Mysterio Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Comics Pull for 7/29/15


Team Beat, a group of the world’s most elite comic book reading/writing forces assembled in the Stately Beat Staff Manor to deliver The Beat — the world’s premiere comic book website. Recently, Marvel and DC characters from decades past have found themselves wandering through the manner including Bessie the Hellcow, Ruby Tuesday, Vibe, Prez and […]