Photocomix are strange creatures. They look like a hybrid of a photography medium and a comics format, and when you spot them in the wild you’re never sure whether they arose as some part of a natural evolutionary process in art or if they were the result of some kind of misguided experiment, maybe even […]

On the Scene: Independent Creators at Asbury Park Comic Con

Sign, Con

By Hannah Means-Shannon Asbury Park Comic Con wowed fans last May at it’s inaugural event with its atmospheric venue and bevy of guests who had one particular trait in common: a penchant for creator-owned projects. The founder of the con, comics creator Cliff Galbraith set out to interpret comic cons in a new light, away […]

Fool’s Gold: Searching for Longbox Treasure: Asbury Park Comic Con


When I attend a comics show, I have three goals: chat with friends and exhibitors, see what’s new, and buy comics. I don’t buy many new comics… I can wait for the trade. I don’t buy many trades… review copies arrive at my day job, keeping my eyes busy.  Plus, I don’t want to lug […]

This weekend the Asbury Park Comic-Con kicks off

As we’ve been noting of late, the local comics scene has been blowing up—pretty much around the globe, from Dubai to Denver. And tomorrow Asbury Park gets its first comic-con, courtesy of organizer Cliff Galbriath, (left) aka frequent Beat commenter Citizen Cliff. Cliff sent along a fact sheet on the Asbury Park Comic Con and some photos of the venue, which is a cool retro bowling alley/club a few blocks from the Asbury Park Boardwalk and a bunch of fine restaurants and bars. Admission is a mere $5, with $1 going to the Hero Initiative. You can read all the deets in the PR below, but everyone we’ve spoken with has been psyched about going to this show; if we weren’t so conned out, we might be tempted by a birthright journey back to Jersey. We’re always especially charmed by seaside conventions like San Diego, MeCaf, Long Beach and now….Asbury Park.