Update: DeviantArt’s statement on SDCC Artist Alley

As we reported the other day, the art sharing site/social network DeviantArt pulled out of sponsoring Artists’ Alley at the Sn Diego Comic-Con this year. While the con folks are looking for a new sponsor, it’s looking unlikely at this late date. Josh Wattles, DeviantArt’s Advisor in Chief, did release a statement on the situation: […]

SDCC’13: What’s Going on Down Artist’s Alley?


By Carolina Cooney Off to an early start Thursday morning, the first “official” day of Comic-Con, I headed over to the Illustrators area in Hall G, well away from where I exhibit with my husband Dan Cooney directly inside the Hall B2/C doors. Quite proud of myself for making it over before the crowds gathered, […]

On the Scene: How Awesome is Heroes Con


Heroes Con, held in Charlotte, North Carolina, is so awesome that its progam has 12 pages of listings for Artists Alley, and in fairly small print, too. It’s so awesome that it has to have two pages of maps to explain where all these artists and writers can be found. If that doesn’t convince you, though, […]