SDCC ’15: Cartoon Network and Adult Swim announce panel line-up


For the past number of years that I’ve attended SDCC, the fine folks at Cartoon Network and their brand Adult Swim have put on some rather enjoyable programming for the show. Most notably, I’ve greatly enjoyed the Children’s Hospital panels that were held in previous years, and the 2015 iteration of their lineup looks to […]


Boom reveals Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy covers


Next month, Boom offers a mini series called ADVENTURE TIME: BANANA GUARD ACADEMY, written by Kent Osborne, the head writer of the Adventure Time show, and drawn by Mad Rupert. It turns out that there is a lot to being a Banana Guard—but being a Banana is not mandatory. This crazy adventure follows Root Beer Guy as he […]


Mainstream media discovers Adventure Time!


Well, to be fair, the sixth season debuted last night, so a big media push is only natural. Emily Nussbaum did the honors for The New Yorker, citing “a hero who fights villains, with fun violence, the occasional fart joke, and a slight edge of Bushwick cool-kid hipness.” They even got creator Pendleton Ward to […]


Cartoon Network Shows to watch out for: Steve Universe, Uncle Grandpa, and Clarence


Here’s one little last bit of SDCC ’13 coverage to put on your must see in the future list – Cartoon Network gave Saturday convention-goers a sneak peek at three upcoming animated series – Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa and Clarence…


Monday’s Review Slate – Fionna & Cake #1-6


Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake Natasha Allegri (w, a, c), Patrick Seery (c) Britt Wilson (l), Noelle Stevenson, Lucy Knisley (back-ups), Shannon Watters (e) Here’s a six-issue miniseries from Kaboom, who have spent the past few years making work-for-hire franchise comics feel like creator-owned independent comics. Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake is a spin-off from […]


Boom! Poised to Make a Splash at Phoenix Comic Con


Boom! Studios is going to be a presence at the Phoenix Comic Con for the first time this week (May 23rd-26th), and they are setting out to make a strong impression with a range of variant covers and signings throughout the con. We’ve been watching the rise of the small and mid-sized con for the […]


Corsetto and Sterling craft original Adventure Time graphic novel


Adventure Time comics have been a huge hit for Boom Studios, with variant covers by a who’s who of indie ad animation stars as eagerly sought after as the latest Alex Roos variant. And the franchise has shown enough legs to warrant a stand alone original graphic novel by Danielle Corsetto and Zack Sterling. The cover is by Stephanie Gonzaga.


A Little Adventure Time

You don’t always have to think big when you decide to be awesome. When an artist named Oviot decided to pay tribute to Adventure Time, she elected to do so on the smallest scale imaginable. And when I say small, I’m talking about… ooh, around 1cm. Incredibly, she’s rendered miniature figurines of Finn, Jake, and […]


SDCC 2012: Bravest Warriors from KaBoom!

KaBoom, the All-Ages section of Boom! Studios, have announced a new comic tie-in to a Pendleton Ward series, in the form of a six-issue “Bravest Warriors” miniseries.


SDCC12: Boom! Studios: Booth #2743

Boom! Studios announces all their awesome stuff, including a very public party on Thursday evening!


SDCC 12: It's Adventure Time! all over Comic-Con with multi-booth quest

We already told you about the big Adventure Time display and interactive adventure at the Children’s Museum during Comic-Con. For those who are inside the con, there’s also a big scavenger hunt with maps and stamps and prizes. WE WANT ONE.

In case you haven’t figured it out, Adventure Time is this year’s Scott Pilgrim!


SDCC12: Adventure Time experience takes over Children's Museum

We’ve been to a few parties over at the Children’s Museum in SD, located right across the tracks from the Hyatt—notably a concert by Cheap Trick a few years back—and often wondered why it wasn’t used more by party-givers. Well, what with the original Tr!ckster venue going to the studios, and now this, it seems “right across the tracks” is the new DUMBO, as Cartoon Network is taking over the Children’s Museum for an Adventure Time exhibit and a “fully immersive” Adventure Time experience! That won’t be popular, oh no. The exhibit opens on Wednesday of the con.


Meet the cartoonists behind Cartoon Network's hottest shows (Part Two)

There’s so many cartoonists working at Cartoon Network we couldn’t fit ’em all in one post! Here is Part Two featuring interviews with cartoonists/animators Calvin Wong, Rebecca Sugar, John Pham and many more.


Meet the cartoonists behind Cartoon Network's hottest shows (Part One)

There’s so many cartoonists working at Cartoon Network we couldn’t fit ’em all in one post! This first post features interviews with cartoonists/animators Martin Cendreda, Hellen Jo, Michael DeForge and many more.


Interview with Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward and friends

An interview with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward about the post-apocalyptic movie genre, Dungeons and Dragons, the Adventure Time licensed comic, Bob’s Burgers and more. With special guest appearances by cartoonist/animators Jesse Moynihan, Levon Jihanian, and Andy Tauke!