Diamond releases the top 500 graphic novels of 2012


Here’s the top 500 selling graphic novels of 20912 courtesy of Diamond. We’ll have more analysis later but Marvel’s top GN was THANOS QUEST #1 coming in at #31, which is petty mind boggling. The Saga trade was #12, Watchmen #14. Otherwise it was all Walking Dead and New 52. Dark Horse’s best seller was AVATAR LAST AIRBENDER TP VOL 01 PROMISE PART 1 at #34, another sign that kids comics are on the ascendant.

Diamond announces top comics for 2012: The Walking Dead, Marvel and Batman


Diamond released its preliminary year-end data for 2012 today, and it wasn’t a big surprise. The Walking Dead #100 was the top selling comics of the year, and the first Wlaking Dead trade toped the GN charts. Marvel was the top publishers over DC.

Sales were up for the year; even graphic novels, which had lagged at times because of the Borders debacle, ended up in double digits point over 2011. Comics sales overall were up nearly 15%—a healthy growth margin that reflects all the good things we’e been talking about.