Atom1Beat pal Pepo has one of the finest Spanish-language comics blogs out there, CON C DE ARTE, and today he has a long analysis of the 1983 mini-series SWORD OF THE ATOM by Jan Strnad and Gil Kane, entitled, more or less, “Husbands and Women.” Fire up your Spanish or Google’s to read the rest:

Ayer me llegó el TPB que recopila SWORD OF THE ATOM, una miniserie de cuatro episodios publicada por DC en 1983 (anterior, por tanto, a WATCHMEN y DARK KNIGHT) con guión de Jan Strnad, dibujos de Gil Kane y color de Tom Ziuko, continuada al año siguiente por los mismos autores con tres episodios más. No he podido resistirme a escanear algunas páginas de la memorable escena inicial, con una discusión matrimonial motivada porque el héroe, Ray Palmer alias Atom, descubre a su mujer besándose con otro en el coche. Algo antes de sorprenderla, Ray espera en casa a su mujer, extrañado por su tardanza, mira por la ventana y piensa: “Qué raro, juraría que vi dos luces, y luego… simplemente desaparecieron!”


  1. says

    Colonialismo cultural. No si al final los yankis van a terminar hablando de Mortadelo y Filemón o de Superlópez. Ver para creer.

  2. says


    To which Jorge responds:


    To which I say:

    Geez, this all sounds like a bad outtake from that Adam Sandler movie Spanglish.



  3. Owen says

    Sword of the Atom #4 was my first comic. My dad bought it for me in a gas station on the way back from a camping trip when I was nine. It was “mature” enough that it gave me a lot to think about. I read it over and over, and can even remember some of the ads for other comics that sparked my imagination (Cloak and Dagger and Vigilante, I believe). Everyone has their first memorable comics moment. Seeing this post gave me chills thinking about mine.

    (Sorry for being a bit off topic.)

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