Superman’s German accident


Spotted in Berlin. Context unknown.

Thanks to Jah Furry for the share.


  1. This statue is displayed in front of Berlin’s Jewish Museum (Germany), since Mai the 5th, for the “Heroes, Freaks and Superrabbis — the Jewish Colour of Comics” expositon.

  2. DetroiterInNYC says:

    BSI is absolutely correct. The listed translation at the museum was “Heroes, Freaks and Superrabbis: The Jewish Dimension In Comic Art.”

    If anyone has reason to be in Berlin, this is a well-curated exhibition and had me laughing and crying while viewing it. I also now have a list of about 10 different artists whose work I am very interested in reading, including some oldies but goodies….

  3. For those who cannot travel:

    Exhibition catalog:

    There’s a “web comic”, but it’s more of an interactive game.

  4. Karen says:

    Columbia has a copy of the catalog in our library, for those who can get in…

  5. Ian Boothby says:

    You stop flying and walk everywhere for too long and you forget how to.

  6. I will have some more info and photos about this show up in a couple of weeks once Iàm back from holiday.

  7. That’s no accident; he’s pushing the Eath out of the way of HATEYO, THE COMMUNIST COMPUTER-COMET!

    P.S.: not really. He’s just in deep denial about THE STATE OF AMERICAN PUBLIC PARKS!

    P.P.S.: not really. He’s waiting for Homestar Runner to come back. It’s been, like, fowevewr.


  8. At his panel in Erlangen a couple months back, Howard Chaykin expressed disappointment that he wasn’t included, even though the curator was aware of his work, as I recall.

    He planned on seeing the exhibition while in Germany, though.

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