Superman and Batman nabbed in Times Sq.

003 Batman
The NY Post has deets:
Apparently Superman was the scofflaw; Batman just got caught in a costumed vigilante sweep.


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    Recommended viewing:
    Confessions of a Superhero

    I’ve noticed the costumed characters on the corner of 42nd and Seventh, and hope Times Square doesn’t turn into Hollywood & Vine.

    While the perps deny it, I suspect they were posing for photographs and tips, and that the NYPD was enforcing the costume law at the suggestion of either the Times Square Alliance, or the copyright/trademark owners.

    Also, NYC has a law regulating costumed performers (as mentioned in the article) as well as a law prohibiting the wearing of masks (enforced when the Ku Klux Klan tried to march downtown a few years ago).

    Of course, enforcement of these laws is the responsibility of the NYPD. I doubt there will be a dragnet of cosplayers as they leave the Javits Center.

    Bigger question: what constitutes a costume? If I dress up as a 1920s gangster and pose for tourists in Little Italy, can I be arrested?

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    Hey, maybe if the cops would just leave people who aren’t doing anything wrong alone, things like this wouldn’t happen! What a novel idea!

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    Oh no, they were wearing costumes! How insidious! How could they hurt so many people by dressing in an unusual way?! Why, they deserve to be thrown in a dungeon for the rest of their lives!

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