SUPERBOY preview by Lemire, Gallo, and Albuquerque

SB_Cv1_ds copy.jpg
Via DC’s the Source, a preview of the new SUPERBOY #1, which goes on sale next Wednesday. The story is by Jeff Lemire and art by Pier Gallo, with cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Avoiding any issues with the still pending Superboy lawsuit, this is NOT young Clark Kent but a new clone named Connor Kent.

But this is a Smallville you’ve never seen – one that even Superman doesn’t know about. What are the mysteries surrounding the town and beneath the surface, and what do they hold in store for Superboy? Only one way to find out. Check out some pages from the first issue below, stay tuned to The Source for more from Jeff Lemire on the series and pick up SUPERBOY #1, which goes on sale 11/3.

Superman got a hoodie…Superboy has jeans! And what could be more foreboding for a lad than a visit from …The Phantom Stranger.

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  1. Charles Knight says

    Pass, show don’t tell – *of course* he’s going to have new adventures, having the Phantom Stranger turn up to say that reads as filler. The material you put out as a preview for issue 1 of a comic shouldn’t read as filler.

  2. says

    It looks fun.
    Though part of me would love to see an actual “boy” in the role of “Super Boy” instead of a full-sized young man (and I’d say the same for “Super Girl”, too). Of course, that would go against continuity and such; which would drive many insane.

  3. Rich says

    Bonus points to the superpooch for keeping Ma Kent’s hat out of the dirt.

    Good boy, Krypto!

  4. Dave Hackett says

    Psst, Conner’s not a “New” clone, having been around since the Death of Superman arc. And I also highly doubt it has much to do with the lawsuit, as Clark *IS* running around as Superboy over in Adventure Comics and has been for months now.

  5. says

    So Lemire was really writing Suberboy when he wrote that first issue of Essex County, because that first page certainly looks familiar.

  6. Todd VerBeek says

    Superboy now looks about the same age as the new JMS/Davis SuperMAN over in “Earth One”.

    The character was more of a “boy” when he was introduced. At the time Karl Kesel had the rather clever idea of having him “stuck” in mid adolescence due to the circumstances of his origin, the perfect excuse for keeping him a boy…. until they decided not to.

  7. says

    Not to nerd out too much, but don’t we already know there’s more to Smallville beneath the surface? Weren’t there Manhunters down there, operating in Smallville during the Millenium series?

  8. Martha says

    Gee, that wristband makes him look just like Chachi. Because the young people LOVES them some Chachi!

  9. Brett says


    Who’s Chachi?

    (Young people are lucky enough to have no idea who Chachi is or who his lovely wife Joannie is either.)

    Personally, I like me some Pinky.

    Tuskadero, not the Brain.


  10. KET says

    The opening exposition reads like a lame excuse for willfully avoiding this incarnation’s “now-muddled-by-retcons” origin.
    And the Phantom Stranger’s appearance just seems completely out of place as well. Not a promising start.

  11. says

    I like the interior art, but I think the (yellow background) cover artist’s interpretation of the character is closer to the idea of a super boy.

  12. Alex says

    This reminds me a lot of Frank Quietly, which is pretty neat. The Jamie S. Rich colors really make it glow.

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