by Jesse McManus and Austin English
Spider is a small boy living in a kinetic pinball city. He spends his time with his sister who enters their home every day with a ritualistic flair. Spider’s best friend is a small creature named Nako who he speaks to constantly. In fact, Spider is learning to communicate with animals of all kinds. In the first issue, we meet Spider’s idol, Emeric Powell, who has his own designs on animal communication/ Spider-Monkey is a tour de force from artist Jesse McManus (Kramers Ergot 7), working from a script by Austin English, incorporating horror manga, childrens comics and fantastic golden age elements into one beautiful comic.

Closed Caption Comics


I’m breaking my zine called SF Supplementary File #2 into 3 parts and releasing the first 2 parts at BCGF. (SF is my scifi series that I self-publish. SF Supplementary Files are related mini-stories that I produce on the side).

It’s basically a tribute to or experiment with Matsumoto Leiji’s 1979 story Queen Esmeraldas.


Jesse Balmer and Jonny Negron are debuting their anthology Chameleon No2 (issue #1 will also be available)
Jesse Balmer
Jon Boam
Patrick Kyle
Uno Moralez 
Roman Muradov 
Jonny Negron 
Zejian Shen 



Box Brown:
I’ll be debuting the following books at BCGF:


1) Roussimoff special previe
w mini-comic, Roussimoff is my continuing work about the life of Andre the Giant

2) 50% chance of debuting The Survivalist, my brand new book published by Blank Slate


3) Retrofit Comics new release: RAW POWER by Josh Bayer who cannot be contained in the standard 32 page zine-sized Retrofit comic! RAW POWER is a KING SIZED 48 page comic featuring G. Gordon Liddy, Cat-man and Punk Rock.


Paul Hoppe:
My latest comic Tales To Behold #2 will debut at the Festival. I am exhibiting artwork from it and the prototype at a show at the Brooklyn Public Library, but now it will actually be available for the first time. It’s the latest in my series of gonzo-superhero comics.


PictureBox is debuting Kramers Ergot 8 with a signing with 7 of the 12 artists: Anya Davidson, Gary Panter, Gabrielle Bell, Frank Santoro, Dash Shaw, CF and artist/editor Sammy Harkham. It’s 232 pages, full color, hardcover, and $32.95. Signings are at 12:30 and 4 pm. Matthew Thurber is signing 1-800 MICE at 2:30 and 6:00 pm. 

PictureBox is also working with the Don (Apex Novelties) Donahue estate to display and sell some of the work he published, including rare silkscreens and other prints by the likes of Charles Burns, Rory Hayes, S. Clay Wilson, and file copies of some wonderful underground comics published by Don’s Apex Novelties. Theyy’ll be giving away a zine that compiles texts by Don about the origins of Apex and the true story of Zap #1.


J.T. Yost:

Birdcage Bottom Books is thrilled to release a new mini-comic by J.T. Yost into the wild at the Brooklyn Comics & Graphics Festival this Saturday (12/3). We will also have new silk-screened Snoop shirts in a nauseating color palette! Both items will also be for sale on our website as well.

Domatille Collardey will have


– What Had Happened Was #3 : The new oversize (24′x36′)  fold out poster issue! This special issue will come in a special customized gift envelope. Be ready for Christmas, guys.


Victor Kerlow is debuting SOMETHING BIG, a new collection of his comics. “They are ten dollars, 48 pages, perfect bound, and will be available to buy on the Comic Shop sidebar after this weekend.”


Lamar Abrams is debuting FERZAN DREI at the AdHouse table. The subject matter consists of drawings of women farting. There is also a rumblr tumblr page devoted to the book.

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  1. It’s finally happened. The hand bound/self published/mini comic with a sliver of a print run is now cheaper to buy than a mass produced corporate comic that’s half ads.

  2. ACT-I-VATE will be at Table 17 in the basement. We’ll be selling a special limited run of “Lilly Mackenzie & the Mines of Charybdis” today ONLY!
    Also books by Michel Fiffe, Kat Roberts and Tim Hamilton’s “Brother Sasquatch” Mini ( you really NEED that!)