Studio coffee run: Behold Scott Pilgrim and his flaming sword, Marvel updates, COWBOYS & ALIENS

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Universal has released the first actual stills from SCOTT PILGRIM, although one has been floating around for a bit. The general reaction around the web has been shock and awe. Splash Page has the kind of in-depth analysis usually reserved for 3rd down conversions in the Super Bowl.


§ In less thrilling news, looks like SPIDEY 4 is really in a boondoggle of a delay, as crew members have been advised to look for other work. As we reported yesterday, the film has been delayed over script concerns voiced by director Sam Raimi.

§ Having proven he’s convincing as both a capitalist with a heart of fissionable materials and a Victorian English OCD victim, Robert Downey Jr. will next attempt to show he can twirl a lariat as the loooong promised COWBOYS & ALIENS movie has a July start date. Directed by Iron Man co-conspirator Jon Favreau, the film is being considered for the hot new 3D treatment according to Kim LeMasters at The Daily Beast. Rich Johnston has the history of the COWBOYS & ALIENS comic book.

§ KICK-ASS will be the opening night film for the SXSW film festival. Yep, looks like comic book movies are red hot in ’10.


  1. says

    Question: do moviegoers care if the movies they’re watching were inspired by comic books?

    Answers using “WATCHMEN” will be given only half-credit.


  1. […] Slashfilm has the first official photos from “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” based on the Bryan O’Malley graphic novels from Oni Press.  More discussion and info at The Beat and MTV Splash Page. I love the graphic novels – I named them the decade’s best, recently – so I’m really looking forward to this film. […]

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