Steel is back in ACTION

The new 52 Universe is getting even more diverse with the return of Steel, who returns in ACTION #4 by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales. In addition to teaming with Superman in the main story, the “John Henry Irons” of the DCU will get his very own 8-page back-up by Sholly Fisch and Brad Walker. And he’ll be back for another back-up in ACTION #7.

Created as one of the “variant Supermen” during the Death of Superman story, Steel had a pretty good comics run in the ’90s, getting up to issue #52 of his very own series — until he had the misfortune to star in a movie. With Steel by basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. the film is considered one of the very worst superhero movies of all time. Since then he’s appeared as a back-up character here, there, and everywhere.

Despite the cinematic setback, Steel has always been a pretty cool character, so it’s about time he returned.






  1. briguyx says:

    Morrison used Steel in his “JLA” run rather well.

  2. WriterGal76 says:

    When was Steel ever cool? Seriously? He’s about as cool as Mantis and Ghost Dad. How bout this, how about we create a new black character that isn’t rigged to get poor sales by making him/her look as stupid as possible (example, gay teen called “bunker” whose power is giant “Thing” hands. Yup, that’s a real winner).

    The irony of all this is that after all these years, Black Lightning has become cool by comparison. But I honestly can’t think of any character existing or not existing that could make Steel look cool.

    Where is Lord Bowler when you need him?

  3. skyhawk says:

    I agree with WriterGal76. Steel, Cyborg, and Milestone’s Hardware has these ridiculously Liefield-inspired bulky armor.

    Iron Man and RoboCop can look cool, so what’s the problem? Steel has shown to be a good character, now suit him up proper.

  4. I love Steel. (The character. Not the movie). I imagine his armor will get cooler as time goes on (This is his new “Year One” look, set five years ago, right?). I DO hope that he’s not as goofy looking as the new Cyborg. I liked his original design from “Reign” best, although he will probably need his own S-Shield since he’s not gonna be filling in for Superman this time around…

  5. I always liked the original Bogdanove-designed Steel costume. And he was a great character from the beginning, with a really intriguing relationship with Lex Luthor. Reign of the Supermen was better than it had any right to be.

  6. aquatragic says:

    writergal76: Bunker does indeed have a horrific costume, but please tell me you’re not implying that he looks stupid because he’s gay.

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