Back in the day!

Link via Dino.

UPDATE: Okay I am a moron and this is TO TELL THE TRUTH not WHAT’S MY LINE. Haste and idiocy…a deadly combination. In fairness, I never realized until this very moment that these were two different shows. I’m sure Mark Evanier is preparing a hangman’s noose for me at this very moment.

Thanks to all who pointed out this embarrassing error.


  1. says

    THAT was so cool!

    I remember back in the early 90’s they had an updated version of the show, and Todd McFarlene was the mystery guest

  2. says

    If I remember correctly, he would get 50 bucks for every wrong answer, right? So he got $100…where’d that money go, I wonder…

    not to Jack, I imagine ;)

  3. Ian says

    Wow Vito, how incredibly clever of you.

    That is “to tell the truth” not “whats my line”

  4. says

    I once saw Robert Kanigher on TTTT, on an episode from the early ’70s, talking about WONDER WOMAN and admitting he wasn’t a feminist.

    Interesting that Stan Lee doesn’t look a bit like Stan Lee, but his voice is exactly the same.

  5. Sphinx Magoo says

    Wow… check out that shirt and tie on Tom Poston… that’s a far cry different than his clothes on “Newhart”!

    This must be Stan during his Sonny Bono phase…

  6. says

    I was on to tell the turth twice and would like to get the archived film does anyone know how I can do that?

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