Back in the day!

Link via Dino.

UPDATE: Okay I am a moron and this is TO TELL THE TRUTH not WHAT’S MY LINE. Haste and idiocy…a deadly combination. In fairness, I never realized until this very moment that these were two different shows. I’m sure Mark Evanier is preparing a hangman’s noose for me at this very moment.

Thanks to all who pointed out this embarrassing error.



  1. THAT was so cool!

    I remember back in the early 90’s they had an updated version of the show, and Todd McFarlene was the mystery guest

  2. Stan Lee was just on that game show Identity on NBC a week or so ago too!

  3. If I remember correctly, he would get 50 bucks for every wrong answer, right? So he got $100…where’d that money go, I wonder…

    not to Jack, I imagine ;)

  4. Wow Vito, how incredibly clever of you.

    That is “to tell the truth” not “whats my line”

  5. I once saw Robert Kanigher on TTTT, on an episode from the early ’70s, talking about WONDER WOMAN and admitting he wasn’t a feminist.

    Interesting that Stan Lee doesn’t look a bit like Stan Lee, but his voice is exactly the same.

  6. Sphinx Magoo says:

    Wow… check out that shirt and tie on Tom Poston… that’s a far cry different than his clothes on “Newhart”!

    This must be Stan during his Sonny Bono phase…

  7. George Khoury says:

    “Ghetto youngsters!” Ah, the sixties.

  8. So this was before they glued those glasses to his head…

  9. Nice rug on Stan the Man.

  10. I didn’t recognize Stan until he started talking. Quite the beard and hairstyle!

  11. I was on to tell the turth twice and would like to get the archived film does anyone know how I can do that?

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