Stan Lee is doing something…still

Stanback Ad

J.K. Parkin and Rich Johnston analyze a new mystery ad campaign for some Sta Lee project with a simple black “Stan’s back!’ motto. Jesus, how many projects can one 87-year-old man have? He’s been pacting with Archie, POW!, Marvel, Viz, and probably your cousin Mabel recently.

In his investigation, Johnston goes so far as to do a whois search and decides the teaser issues from BOOM! So there, we hyped it too.

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  1. Let me guess he’s going to make “fill in the blank” into a super-hero !

  2. Leslie says:

    When one thinks of Marvel these days, they would:’

    1. think of Disney
    2. Stan Lee and why he’s publishing so many Avengers titles along the usual cadre of X-Books. Even though he’s no longer with the company.

    The average person on the street has no idea that the characters “Joe Quesada”, “Brian Michael Bendis”, “Axel Alonso”, or “Matt Fraction” even exist.


  1. […] flabbergasted by the motto's suggestion Lee had at some point gone away at all considering his relentless pact-making already with the likes of Disney and Archie; others just seemed befuddled by the pop-culture […]

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