Stan Goldberg leaves Archie, covers Marvel's FF #1

Legendary Archie artist Stan Goldberg started his career in the Golden Age coloring countless covers for Atlas, but in the Silver Age he was a colorist for Marvel, working on such things as the cover to the very first issue of THE FANTASTIC FOUR and designing the color schemes for much of the seminal line. So it’s fitting that he’s been tagged to draw a variant cover for the new FF #1 featuring the new lineup, which features Spider-Man. The interiors are by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting while other variant covers are by Daniel Acuna, Gerard Parel, and Marko Djurdjevic.

Speaking of Goldberg, as you might guess from this assignment, he’s no longer working with Archie, a fact which has been going around cartoonist circles for a few weeks. Goldberg, 78, is one of the last of the Silver Age Archie artists working, and recently drew the “Archie gets Married” storyline which vaulted the company back into the spotlight.

We’re told that since leaving Archie he’s had several work offers and is currently taking a well-deserved vacation in Mexico.


  1. says

    Stan Goldberg NOT working for Archie? That just doesn’t seem right.

    Satn Goldberg doing a variant cover for FF #1. That seems right.

    Maybe and announcement of the the return of Archie-style Millie the Model is forthcoming?

  2. Jeff Albertson says

    Wow, Stan Goldberg leaving Archie is kind of weird. I’m enjoying a fair amount of Archie material these days, including the wedding series he drew. I hope it was amicable (retirement, or partial retirement), not like Dan DeCarlo’s exit.

  3. says

    Lannie, I’m the colorist. :-)
    I kept it simple and delicate in an effort to compliment Stan’s art.
    It was an honor to color his work! I think it’s a fun cover, which I’m sure was the whole point. :-D

  4. TC says

    These might be the ugliest costumes I have ever seen? White? How impractical can you get?

  5. Peter Urkowitz says

    You know, I love Stan Goldberg, and I actually like the new costumes, but I really don’t care for this cover.

    Just to point out one thing, why is Spidey’s web wrapped twice around that whole building, trapping Reed’s feet? I realize that we’re not supposed to read this image totally literally, but this seems to be a weird mix-up of cartoon symbolism and literalism. It doesn’t work for me. Just my opinion, of course.

    Best Wishes to Goldberg in the next stage of his career!

  6. jerry sannuti says

    hello i have some original sketches from stan of his work signed i want to sell

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