SPOILER! Who are Bleeding Cool’s Top Ten Most Powerful People in Comics?

While we respectfully did not inform you of this at an earlier juncture, we here at The Beat would like to warn you of spoilers coming up ahead in this post. Do not read unless you want to know about these spoilers!

I said SPOILERS!!!


Brilliantly, Bleeding Cool have today leaked their list of the 100 Most Powerful People in Comics to the press, one day before the results were due to be officially released. Now, you can either read the results in a physical, paid-for format tomorrow morning — or you can read the top ten for free right here.

That’s right! I’m now going to offer you the full Bleeding Cool treatment, and copy/paste the spoilers into the article and leave you with the choice to read them or not. For authenticities’ sake, I’ll also include a spelling mistake somewhere, just so you don’t feel short-changed by the experience.

SPOILERS BELOW! Do not read unless you like reading spoilers!!

#10: Eric Stephenson

#9:  Kevin Feige

#8: Thomas Tull

#7: Dan Didio

#6: Brian Michael Bendis

#5: Joe Quesada

#4: Geoff Johns

#3: Robert Kirkman

#2: Isaac Perlmutter

#1: Jim Lee


Oh, it’s all in good fun, isn’t it.


  1. says

    This is catty nonsense. Why do this? Because of some stupid e-beef? I could see if you were hitting Johnston over something he’d done wrong or that you didn’t agree with, but this is lazy and dumb. The Beat is better than this.

  2. Galvorn says

    The absence of Diamond people in the top ten is surprising. Diamond is the industry’s gatekeeper. If that’s not power, I don’t know what is.

  3. Rich Johnston says

    Thank you! And yes it is all in good fun.

    The only thing I know is that everyone will think I’m wrong. But then they may think everyone else is wrong too.

    Galvorn, Diamond are well represented on the list. A decade ago they would have been in the top ten. In fact, they were when I started writing this list a decade ago. But things change.

  4. Rich Johnston says

    I don’t believe I have a catty e-beef with Steve Morris. Steve, do we have catty e-beefs?

  5. zach says

    Where is The Beat? I thought she was the most powerful person in comics, if not all of media.

  6. comicsatemybrain says

    This list reminds me of Comics Interview #100… perhaps an item for Rich Johnston’s “Swipe File” over at Bleeding Cool? ;) I actually looked through that issue a few months ago, and I found it interesting how many of the individuals listed would almost certainly not make the list today.

    Interesting that neither of the official E-in-C people for Marvel and DC (Axel Alonso, Bob Harras) made the cut. I’m sure they are in the top 100 somewhere, but they didn’t make the top 10.

  7. Shannon OLeary says

    This is the most hilarious Beat comments thread I have read in quite some time. I would also like to add that I have embarrassed myself in front of or annoyed at least 1/4 of that list.

  8. says

    So far I’ve only embarrassed/annoyed one person on the list. But then again, I’ve only met one person on the list.

    Catty e-beef sounds delicious, Rich. I’d like some in a burger.

  9. says

    What about Frank Miller, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzarello, Grant Morrison, Allan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Charles Burns?
    They have the power to make this world interesting.
    men on your list, just make numbers.

  10. Mesektet says

    I always thought of Didio as the Butch and Lee as the Bitch. I don’t much like it but DC is pretty much the Didio show right now.

  11. says

    Where’s Rob Liefield?! He should be numbero uno or tied with Jim Lee. No one drops a project with Kirkman and DC and lives to tell about it!

  12. Torsten Adair says

    I recognize all of them aside from Thomas Tull, of Legendary Pictures.

    Will there be a set of trading cards?

  13. Synsidar says

    I have to question the idea that people whose careers are based on WFH have any actual power. They’re only as powerful as their employers let them be, and for as long as their products are on sale. Ten years from now–

    Kevin Feige doesn’t produce comics, of course.

    I’d bet that Dan DiDio sees his surname in the media spelled incorrectly more often than he sees it spelled correctly.


  14. Rich Johnston says

    Kevin feige’s work heavily influences the comics Marvel produces. And the films Warner produce. And the comics DC produce as a result.

    But yes, that is a very valid, and the List addresses it. It’s also why Kirkman ranks so highly.

  15. Johnny Memeonic says

    This is catty nonsense. Why do this? Because of some stupid e-beef? I could see if you were hitting Johnston over something he’d done wrong or that you didn’t agree with, but this is lazy and dumb. The Beat is better than this.

    Why so serious?

  16. says

    Nowhere near enough spelling mistakes & typos for the full Bleeding Cool treatment.Rich,if your’re reading,why don’t use a proofreader?You can get one(free) with Jet-Pack for WP.org you know!
    Yes,yes,all in good fun…Until someone loses an eye.Thanks though Steve,you made me laugh.

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