Spencer/Cloonan VICTOR VON DOOM mini canceled


The world will not get to see this awesome comic, alas. Via Twitter, Nick Spencer confirms that a planned miniseries about a teenaged Victor Von Doom by Becky Cloonan and himself will not be coming out.

I see word is out about VICTOR VON DOOM. Trust me, no one is more bummed about this than I am.
Really proud of the scripts and hope to get to work with @beckycloonan sooner rather than later.

The first issue had been planned to ship next week. It was one of the Marvel books edited by now-laid-off editor Alejandro Arbona, which could have something to do with the cancellation.

UPDATE: Bleeding Cool reports that the mini was cancelled due to no art being turned in after Cloonan had scheduling problems. We’ve confirmed that it was indeed production problems that led to the cancellation.


  1. says

    An odd decision, considering that a lot of work on it must already have been done (and one hopes paid for). Were the orders really so low that they wouldn’t even cover the remaining costs of getting the book to market?

    That said – better to axe the whole mini than ship half a story and pull the plug, as they did with All-Winners Squad.

  2. MBunge says

    Wait. If the first issue was coming out next week, they had to have at least another one in the can and probably a third. Given that Marvel is going back into its files to look for years-old material it can chuck into the marketplace, cancelling this series doesn’t make any sense unless it’s a decision made a while ago and just announced now.


  3. James says

    Release it digitally!

    Throw it up on comixology and cut out the paper/shipping/etc costs.

  4. Justin H. says

    Bummer; I had this pre ordered. Oh well- my Marvel pull is at an all time low and still shrinking.

  5. Ryvre says

    I was really looking forward to this. It was the first Marvel book on my pull list in months.

  6. Apollo9000 says

    Going digital would be a smart move. The mini had to be near complete if it was to have 1st issue out next week.
    As said before, shelving while they put out issues “from the vault” seems odd.

    The only reason for this sudden about face is in fact the lay of Arbona. Yet, with that reasoning, the desicion only looks petty. The defination of penny pinching, which wouldn’t be anything new by certain people at the House of Ideas.

  7. joe.distort says

    i read TWO marvel comics. as long as they keep cutting ‘outside’ books for more of FEAR ITSELF SHATTERED FEARLESS YEAR LONG EVENT BLAH, it seem slikely that number will not go up

  8. says

    Well, I guess I have some extra money available for something else from DC Comics, IDW, Dynamite or some other publisher.

    Way to go, Marvel.

  9. says

    Heidi: to this point, has anyone reported more on the fact that All-Winners Squad was cancelled mid-story? All I saw was their cancellation notice.

  10. Christian LeBlanc says

    Awww! This was the first Marvel comic I was genuinely excited about since the Dead Girl/Doctor Strange miniseries; too bad they couldn’t just publish this as a straight-up graphic novel.

  11. Mikael says

    So is there where the blogosphere starts a campaign against Marvel for the mistreatment of women creators? No. Because with this story, the site hits across the ‘net wouldn’t add up. Better to keep the bashing to DC so as to not lose any precious exclusives with Marvel PR.

  12. Karl says

    What a bleeding liberty! I was so really looking forward to this book!
    How on earth could Marvel do this, and so close to shipping too…theyr not doing themselves any favours at all!

  13. DoomScribe says

    This bites! Curse you MARVEL! I was really looking forward to this series. They should seriously try to put it out in some other format – collected, digital, whatever. With at least two issues done and the cover for the third out, this can’t be very cost effective just to lose it all.

  14. Richard Watson says

    All the people rushing to blame Marvel need to pay a visit to Bleeding Cool.

  15. says

    Sorry to see this happen. It was a series I was looking forward to reading and selling

    Sad to say, even with the talent involved, the orders were probably pretty low. “Mini-Series” has become a watch-word for retailers to order very lightly, because it is fairly synonymous with “Wait for the trade.”

    Don’t know that there’s a quick answer for that, but my experience shows that readers are less and less interested in picking up mini-series (esp. those not tied to Big Two events).

  16. GaryArmstrong says

    rich just posted this: UPDATE: There are two very adamant but contradictory sides to why this happened currently being expressed to me. All from people I trust. All from people who are very sure of their version – albeit it very guarded in what they’ll let me pass on.

    As it stands, I’m no longer happy with the earlier version of this pieced that ran on Bleeding Cool today. It was well sourced from a number of people, had been run past involved people, but as a result of publication, a whole host of stuff dropped in my inbox. I’d like to apologise to anyone affected.

    Either way, there will be no Victor Von Doom from Marvel next week. And, if the fallout so far is anything to go by, I don’t know if there ever will be.

  17. David T.G. Riches says

    You know since it’s not set in current Marvel continuity there is no stopping Marvel from re-soliciting this again in a year or five when market conditions may change. Then again it took almost two decades to get the missing last issue of Speedball published so I know most of us will not be holding our breath waiting to see what will happen next.
    I will miss Doom touring heck as a young kid.

  18. says

    Seems odd to leave it to the last minute before announcing that it was being pulled. But perhaps that’s something to do with the book being assigned to a new editor.

  19. Pablo says

    What “Linda Carter” is saying is not true. It has already been demostrated she is a troll trying to hurt him for whatever reason. I hope you get caught and forced to pay him boatloads of money.

  20. tangentman says

    Several comments made here are outrageous, malicious lies. It’s common knowledge at several comic book fan sites that the mod of CBR’s Wonder Woman forum banned “the real sensation” for behaving like an insufferable turd. That person retaliated by posting vindictive lies accusing the mod in question of sexual misconduct involving students.

    Furthermore, this person impersonated several CBR members–primarily, me–to peddle out libel about aegisbearer. Apparently, he’s taken to making up lies about the rest of us, too. At NO POINT in my life have I ever even seen the inside of a prison, much less “just gotten out”. The person responsible is little more than a vicious internet sociopath. We know his real name and even his address–he lives in the U.K.

    Yes, people are looking into seeing how lawsuits against libel work across international lines. If this asshole doesn’t cease and desist, we’ll also start calling him out by his real name. Behaviors like this don’t deserve the safeguard of anonymity!

  21. Boyhangover says

    It’s so obvious the person is a Troll. Comments like wanting to see doom rape children are not normal.

  22. Sphinx Magoo says

    Any details on the production problems? I was really planning on picking this series up…

  23. Matthew Southworth says


    Why not just broadcast his name and address right now? Might be fun to see how that plays out. This douchebag has apparently just discovered the Beat, as there have been a handful of posts that sound suspiciously, similarly troll-ish.

  24. Andrew Farago says

    “Then again it took almost two decades to get the missing last issue of Speedball published”

    First I’ve heard of this. Was it published as “Speedball #11” or under some other imprint?

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