SPACE Prize winners announced

The Space Prize is presented each year to the best in comics collected at the previous year’s SPACE festival in Columbus, OH in the categories Minicomic, Short Story and Webcomic and a Grand Prize. This year’s SPACE will be held on April 24 and 25, 2010 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel & Conference Center in Columbus. More info here. And the winners are:


General Category:
1st Place:
The Dreamer #1-5
Lora Innes-Artist, writer
Tom Waltz- Editor


2nd Place:
Tiny Life 1)a
Nick Jones and Nicolas Colacitti


3rd Place:
The Second Part of the Secret History of the Ineffables
Craig Bogart

Minicomic / Short Story Category:

1st Place:
Aliens  Poop on Your Children
Chris Garrett

2nd Place:
Veggie Dog Saturn #3: Jason’s Quest
Jason Young

3rd Place:
Eric Adams
Joanna Estep

Webcomic Category:

1st Place:
Introspective Comics
Ryan Dow

2nd Place:
The Book of Biff
Chris Hallbeck

3rd Place:
Freak Central
Brian Maze


  1. Love it! Lora Innes has just signed onto my panel at C2E2!

  2. So glad to see Ryan Dow’s Introspective Comics won the best webcomic.


  1. […] So… last week I was coming up with a new funny strip that I could post after we (inevitably) lost the Cybils Category we’re nominated for. (So optimistic, I know.) The punch line was going to be a new tagline for the comic: “The Dreamer: Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.” And then I got an email from Bob Corby… telling me that we had won the SPACE award! Ruins my joke, totally, but I have to admit, winning feels better. :) […]

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