Sometimes we forget just how awesome Farel Dalrymple is…

…and we should not do that. The artist of POPGUN WAR and OMEGA THE UNKNOWN is interviewed by Nick Gazin for Vice. According to the piece, he’s working on a new book called THE WRENCHIES:

The Wrenchies is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction, fantasy, super-hero, secret agent coming-of-age epic with some existential bullshit thrown in. The Wrenchies are these children in a screwed up futuristic world who resurrect ancient heroes also called the Wrenchies. The whole thing was brought into being by a demon slayer named Sherwood, who opened a door to a secret world when he was a boy. The story is really about this kid Sherwood who has this crazy adventurous life but is now sort of a stoner asshole who causes the entire world to go to crap. It sounds really convoluted but hopefully it will be radical when I am finished with it.

Much more delicious drawing in the link.


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