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200801040342Spidey is now single, and the big question is now:

And who is that mysterious new superheroine with the great butt?

Martha Thomases also has interesting things to say today.

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  1. rich says

    I feel bad for Dan Slott and anyone else working on Spider-Man right now. I’m sure plenty of MJ fans will be criticizing them for Joe Q’s retcon.

  2. Torsten Adair says

    If Marvel has any brains, which some pundits question, Jackpot will be Gwen Stacy, She will have gained her powers from the Kingpin’s scientists in an effort to share in Peter’s superhero world.
    If this works in the comics, Marvel can export it to the movies, creating a love triangle in the style of Mary Jane, Peter/Spidey, Black Cat. And bring Gwen into the 616 like the Age Of Apocalypse.
    Another question about the rules… when Mephisto alters reality, can he twist it so that everything goes wrong for Peter? Sort of a “be careful what you wish for” situation that is seen in A Wonderful Life.

  3. Marcus Lusk says

    Assuming Quesada will back off a bit, I’m certain Dan Slott will bring mucho good things to Spidey. These opening pages are a very well-crafted read. I found my eye moved effortlessly through the panels; no visual confusion, no unnecessary narrative or padded dialogue bogging things down. Very nice and (fortunately) very typical of Dan Slott.

    After his terrific work on THE THING last year (the best FF stories I’ve read in a decade) I was really hoping he’d get the writing chores on FF proper.
    This is a nice consolation prize, though.

  4. Captain Aardvark says

    I like Slott, generally, but this (to me) just reads like an old Spidey story in a modern setting. I’m not particularly excited by “BRAND NEW DAY: Spidey needs a job/a woman/a place to live/wheatcakes”, and I don’t see how any of this (other than women, of course) required OMD or the marriage being ended.

  5. Rob Webb says

    don’t cry for slott he was all for a single spidey and even was one of those i on the whole OMD writers retreat including milar and loeb. so don’t cry for him, he’s getting what he wants.

  6. Tom Spurgeon says

    I insist on crying for Dan Slott. I weep giant tears for Dan Slott! Dan Slott! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  7. rich says


    Now, Tom, don’t forget the double-page spread and the crack of lightning to go with your scream.

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