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§ Chris Butcher and his macro lens are having a great time in Japan!

§ Chris Mautner looks back at the majesty of David Mazzucchelli’s RUBBER BLANKET (above) and wonders why it hasn’t been collected. YEAH, David? WHY HASN’T IT?

§ Newbies ahoy: here’s A guide to comic books throughout the decades by Brendan Kachel, Wichita Comic Books Examiner, right from the Yellow Kid to The Dark Age.

§ Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are still planning a US version of OLDBOY. Crazy! But the Japanese publisher, Futabasha, is pulling out all the stops to prevent this. CRAZIER.


  1. Synsidar says:

    Mautner’s comment about used copies of the RUBBER BLANKET issues being “pricey” is correct. A search on turned up ten copies. Issue #3 can be had for as little as $17.50, but the one copy of issue #2 costs $108. Yikes!


  2. My guess is Mazzucchelli did the colors with rubylith film so it would have to be all re-done, not that I think that’s a HUGE impediment but it would add to the expense/time/pain.

  3. Pantheon own the reprint rights to ‘Rubber Blankets’ and Mazzucchelli’s other short works (a publisher I work for tried and failed to reprint them some years ago).
    I imagine they want to see how ‘Asterios Polyp’ fares before releasing a collection, but I believe a collection is planned.

    Re: Old Boy:

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